#MyCHPT3 Interviews

Meet Adam "Captain" Blythe

Adam Blythe. I first encountered him at the front of the Giro d'Italia peloton in the Netherlands in 2010, I'd heard of him, he was one of the new generation of British riders who were shaping the future - difference was that he was on an old school trajectory, he hadn't fitted into the British Cycling system and certainly wasn't Team Sky material, but my god could he ride a bike, and that's what I remember about that first encounter. It was only us two as British riders who could properly ride the wave of a stormy and friendless peloton, and I used to shout to him, "BLYTHE!" because even though we didn't know each other we were compatriots and found refuge in that fact. I did it often enough to hear myself and I thought of Captain Bligh, so I started shouting "CAPTAIN!"... And here we are now.


What’s different about CHPT3 – we mean, is it different?
The people. Everyone at CHPT3 is an individual and all of the people have different views on things. For myself, I’m still learning but it’s so good to see first hand exactly why this brand works the way it does. There isn’t a right or a wrong way of doing things. 

What has been the most physically demanding thing you’ve ever done?

I rode from Manchester to Surrey a few years ago (when I was fit and slim) I wanted to average 30kph all the way there, and I ended up completing it in an average of 33kph. But this killed me. I was broken for weeks. And for the geeks reading this: I was 68kg… my Normalised power was 291 for 10 Hours.

If you could own any car what would it be?
I'm not into classic cars so much, I do appreciate them but I would never really buy one and say it's my dream car. As for modern cars, they are updating them so much these days that its hard to pick which one I would buy. BUT, I would love an old Fiat 500 Jolly.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?
My family.

What’s the film you would most recommend somebody to watch?
Donnie Brasco and Blow. when I lived in Belgium when I was 17 I lived with a guy called Tim Harris and we used to watch these films once a year religiously.

If you could learn anything to a professional standard in one day, what would it be?
I would 100% learn to speak every language in the world, fluently. I know that’s not a profession. But someone out there must be able to speak at least 10 languages fluently. So yeah, that.

What do you most value in your friends?
Loyalty. Being a bike rider all my life I’ve never really had ‘normal’ friends. They are mostly bike riders. And being so busy as a rider and not being able to see each other down the pub every weekend its difficult to keep contact. But the people who I call my real friends when I see them it’s like nothing has changed, no different to the last time we saw each other. I love that.

Who is your hero of fiction?
Simba/Captain Jack Sparrow.

What is your greatest regret?
My Tattoo that says ‘live without regret’ in Italian.

What is your motto?


To help get you though these strange days, cocooned in our homes and perhaps finding it tough to keep our bodies in shape, Adam's come to your rescue. Check out his home workout video below and see if you can complete the Captain's circuit.