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The Tour de France: a vicious cycle

We often read about what it's like to have ridden the Tour de France. But what about something a little more... relatable? Our man Adam Blythe offers a unique perspective from the pro ranks as well...

Stuart O'Grady's Spring Day In Hell

  I've known Stuey for most of my adult life, although to say we've acted like adults when together would not be true. We've had a lot of fun on our parallel and crossing journeys, even through th...

Breaking away on the Champs-Elysées

The final stage of the Tour de France is mostly ceremonial: there’s a long preamble from the outskirts of Paris and through the suburbs, photos are taken, champagne is passed around; it is a fes...

"The Racer" Extract Three: The Cobbles of Roubaix

Every cycling fan must go and watch Paris–Roubaix one day, and take their bike to have a go on some of the famous sectors. Only then can you feel what it’s really like. Only the actual reality of r...

"The Racer" Extract Two: The Tyres of Roubaix

It’s ironic that perhaps the most carefully constructed and cherished piece of equipment we use all year will have the shortest life because each tyre will race only once in its brief existe...

Mastering MSR

"That’s bike racing. It’s always going to be hard, it will always hurt, you only have to feel good at the end.”

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