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Old and New

David Millar recounts first meeting Tour de France stage winner Ben O'Connor.

John Torode's 3 ingredient Tour de Food - Part 1

If you hadn't noticed, we like things that come in 3's. Professional chef John Torode has kindly provided us with 3 recipes inspired by French cuisine that we'll be sharing during this years Tour. ...

OFF BIKE #14 - Gloria Hwang.

Gloria Hwang is the founder and CEO of Thousand helmets. Launched on Kickstarter in 2015, a recreational cyclist herself she could see there was a need to create a helmet that wasn't just safe but ...


Mark Cavendish is the GOAT. After his stage 4 victory in the 2021 Tour de France, we can put the matter to bed. David Millar looks back on three of his fondest Mark Cavendish memories.


1 INTENDED FOR ONE’S OWN OR OTHERS’ AMUSEMENT RATHER THAN SERIOUSLY. 2 GIVING OR EXPRESSING PLEASURE AND AMUSEMENT. “The real secret of life is to be completely engaged with what you are doing in ...


1 DIFFERENT TO WHAT IS NORMAL OR EXPECTED; STRANGE. 2 PARTICULAR, SPECIAL. Being different is difficult. It’s much easier to be and do the same as everybody else. Yet we experience and learn the mo...

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