I’m sorry if you have to read this – these instructions should be totally superfluous.
In a perfect world you are already in the bar having a drink (or in the bath with a glass of port) with not a care in the world about locating a washing machine and barely an idea regarding the existence of care instructions.

Life's not perfect though. Well, not all the time.

So please pay attention and read this carefully, contrary to my father’s belief system, this isn't “the manufacturer’s opinion”; these are the facts.

Don't pretend you know how to wash CHPT3 because you don't and you will ruin it.

MACHINE WASH WARM 30C, (use a non bio liquid detergent) or if you have help, handwash
LINE DRY (this means hang it up to dry naturally, not tie it to your roof rack).
DO NOT BE LAZY and let it lie around wet and dirty, get it in the wash ASAP, NO MATTER HOW TIRED YOU ARE ON YOUR RETURN FROM RIDING. MAKE THIS A PRIORITY.

*if you follow these instructions your CHPT3 will last much much longer.




Washing InstructionsWashing instructions are printed on a white tag inside each piece of clothing - this is usually found at the hip on shorts and around the kidney in jackets and jerseys. Following these instructions will help make sure that your gear will last as long as possible. Careful washing and maintenance will ensure the highest performance from your Castelli products and extend their useful life span.

- Always read the care label before washing a piece of clothing.
- Close all zips and Velcro fasteners and turn the garment inside out.
- Hand or machine wash on a lukewarm permanent press cycle (max. 40°C / 104°F)
- Use a small amount of liquid detergent, not powder detergents or any products that contain fabric softeners, conditioners, stain removers or bleach as they will affect garment performance.
- Hang dry or dry flat. Do not tumble dry.
- >Castelli Nano Flex products and softshell jackets and wind vests can be tumbled dry on low heat for about 20 minutes to rejuvenate the water repellent finish.



Look after your Rocka Jersey

To keep your CHPT3 Rocka Jersey working it needs to be clean.

Shower in your Rocka. Yep, that's right; if you've been out for a wet ride and need your Rocka the next day, take it in the shower with you to rinse of road grime and sweat (just use water, not your expensive shampoo), then hang up to dry. This stops a build up of dirt on/in the garment, meaning it will work better for longer.

When you CHPT3 Rocka stops beading rain on the surface (we call this wetting out) don't panic -- getting your jersey back to its best is a simple matter of giving it some TLC. CHPT3 Rocka jerseys and other soft-shell garments use a DWR water-repellent treatment, which keeps the outer fabric from becoming saturated so that the breathable barrier can do its job. If the outer fabric starts to absorb water, the garment can lose up to 70 per cent of its breath-ability as well as reducing waterproofing. Don't be scared to wash your Rocka or any Wind-Stopper winter jacket -- dirty garments lose their water repellent properties and following our general washing instructions may well bring them back to life. However if you need to proof your garment washing with Nikwax Tech Wash is always the best option.

If washing alone doesn't work, the DWR water-repellent treatment may need rejuvenating or replenishing.

You can rejuvenate the DWR finish by cleaning and drying (till just damp) your garment, then putting it in the tumble dryer at a low heat for about 20 minutes, or by ironing under low heat using a towel between the iron and garment -- being very careful not to melt the synthetic fibres. This will reactivate the water resistant properties of the treatment. This trick will only work once or twice when it stops working you need to consider replenishment. If in doubt about your abilities, don't do this. Any damage caused by heat will void your warranty.