Men's Spring / Summer cycling wear


    Summer is for speed, for setting your personal best, for pushing to the limit. There is something magical about going out early in the morning on a warm summer day, before the city awakens and the heat sets in. Gone are the dark cold mornings of staring out the window tormented by the weather, battling indecision and doubt wondering if you will even ride. Today, you will. Push yourself to go faster than ever before; let summer inspire you to explore further and redefine your limits.

    CHPT3 latest Spring & Summer collection for men features clothing constructed from high-performance technical fabrics that wick away moisture, dry quickly, and provide sun protection, making them perfect for cycling during the warmer months.

    Featuring the latest CHPT3 Aero Road jersey with a second-skin like fit made for your fastest endeavours, the ever-popular Grand Tour bib shorts and other pieces essential for your cycling wardrobe, carefully chosen to make your riding in the warmer months the most enjoyable and comfortable it can be. Designed for cyclists who take their riding seriously. For those who prefer to create their own route and style, happy in their own thoughts and not satisfied if standing still. The Bike is the transport to your own space, CHPT3 clothing is your companion.