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The very best in everyday performance. This race weight jersey is inspired by Girona - our hometown and cycling capital of the world.

Girona is the chosen home to over 100 professional cyclists and has become the heartland of professional cycling in recent years. It's also the home of CHPT3, serving as the perfect research and development base as well as testing ground for our products. We’ve ridden more kilometres on the roads surrounding Girona than anywhere else in the world, so it made total sense to honour the city to which they all lead. The CHPT3 GIRONA collection has been developed through the learnings from all of this testing and is now available for you to enjoy as a memento from the cycling capital of the world.

 "This kit oozes style that's backed up with Castelli's substance" 
- Cycling Plus, May 2019

Chosen for its all-round performance, we've taken the same fabric as the Castelli Maglia Rosa, as worn by Team SKY to Victory in the Giro d’Italia, and worked with Castelli to enhance its features for an everyday use. The fabric is, as you would expect, race weight, aerodynamic and extremely high wicking but when it comes to the fit, we've added some magic to make sure that you feel both fast out on the road, yet flattered in the cafe. With just the right blend of elastane, clever shaping of the collar and nice, wide sleeve cuffs, we've created a close, fast feeling jersey but one which doesn't feel restrictive in the way 'spray on' race jerseys have in the past. True performance for the everyday rider.

The Girona collection uses a series of abstract patterns inspired by the Eiffel Bridge in Girona - a bridge built the same man responsible for giving Paris its Eiffel Tower. Noticing by the light hitting the lattice bridge structure and the soft, intricate patterns created by the shadows cast upon the striking Fire Red wrought iron, we began creating layers of this pattern, eventually resulting in the abstract pattern found on the jersey.

  • Micro pique fabric with just a touch of elastane for a perfect fit
  • 110 gm/m2 fabric is the ideal weight for all-around riding and the 92% polyester content means it wicks moisture to keep you dry
  • JustRightFit - not too aero, and certainly not flappy 3 rear pockets with a 4th zippered pocket for your tip money for the valet
  • Shaped collar for a perfect fit in hammer position, and total elegance the rest of the time
  • YKK® titanium grey lightweight zip
  • Elastic raw edge sleeve endings
  • Woven jacquard CHPT3 label

Cut with the JustRightFit it is neither too tight, nor too flappy, with 3 pockets and 1 zipped, hidden pocket. A shaped collar is fitted for hammer position and elegance the rest of the time. Elastic raw edge sleeve endings and woven jacquard CHPT3 label complete the details.