A guide to cycling through Spring

A traditional guide to dressing for spring might begin with a word of warning for its reader, a note of caution to the cyclist embarking on a new season, especially one so notoriously indecisive in nature. It might even throw in a little (well-worn) weather-related joke in there: "if you don’t like the weather in spring, just wait a few minutes" but, after the seemingly endless winter we've endured here in the UK, we just can't bring ourselves to criticise any sliver of sunlight or opportunity for optimism.

So, as we welcome in another season with both arms wide, perhaps its time to rethink some aspects of your cycling wardrobe. Is it time for you to retire the chunky, thermal tights for the year and banish the heavy jackets? Maybe... but that doesn’t mean you need to throw out your entire wardrobe and start over – a thoughtful refresh is a good starting point.

Investing in a couple of new, highly versatile items will help you prepare for Spring rides with minimal fuss and with maximum return. Here's how we're doing it...


The first thing any seasoned cyclist will tell you about dressing for Spring is that layers are your best friend. And they'd be right... if it was the 90's.
With the use of cutting-edge material technology from the likes of GORE-TEX, we're proud to offer a lineup of jackets which couldn't be more fit for Spring. Great looking, dependable and punching way above their (very low) weight - try one of these and say goodbye to the old-school view.

Woah! We're just talking about your legs here... So, you've got your core taken care of, but what about the lower half? A little too soon to get the knees out, perhaps so you're going to want something to keep the wind and any showers off, but without making you boil. We've got just the ticket with either our lighter full length bib tights, or some handy leg warmers. 

Base layers - you won't know what you've been missing until you put one on. Firstly, offering a soft barrier beneath your bib straps, a good base layer helps everything else (including you) to work at optimum level. Stick to a lighter, sleeveless one for warmer days and a long-sleeve when it's still early in the season. Merino wool base layers will work impeccably all year long - you can read more about those here.

Nothing smacks of "I just wanna go home!" quite like rain-drenched feet and numb fingers, so you'll be doing yourself a favour to keep your extremities taken care of whilst the weather does its thing. Overshoes, good socks, warmers and gloves - regardless of the item, we use only the best fabrics to make sure that you're not carting around any unnecessary bulk, whilst keeping everything comfortable.