CHPT3 Care Recommendations

I’m sorry if you have to read this – these instructions should be totally superfluous.
In a perfect world you are already in the bar having a drink (or in the bath with a glass of port) with not a care in the world about locating a washing machine and barely an idea regarding the existence of care instructions.

Life's not perfect though. Well, not all the time.

So please pay attention and read this carefully, contrary to my father’s belief system, this isn't “the manufacturer’s opinion”; these are the facts.

Don't pretend you know how to wash your CHPT3 kit because you don't and you will ruin it.

  • Machine wash at 30C, (using a non-bio detergent) or hand-wash 
  • Line dry (this means hang it up to dry naturally, not tie it to your roof rack). 
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Do not use bleach
  • Do not iron
  • Don't be lazy and let it lie around wet and dirty, get it in the wash ASAP, no matter how tired you are upon your return from riding.

*if you follow these instructions your CHPT3 will last much, much longer.