For better and worse the past two centuries have seen the quality of life for the majority of human civilisation improve. But it’s come at a price. We are using up our planet’s resources, and we’re creating more waste than ever before. Waste that we bury in the ground, let drift into the sea or transfer into our atmosphere.

We understand we contribute to this; we are a business that relies on consumption. We are designing, developing, manufacturing and convincing you to buy more things. How do we make consumption sustainable?

We’re working on it, and we’re doing it. Slowly yet surely we are changing everything we do in order to be responsible and transparent regarding every decision we make and every product we make for you. We want to do better, not just for you, not just for us, but so that future generations get the opportunity to live on an Earth like ours.


Take care of your kit and it will take care of you. It’s as true of your kit as it is of your bike. We’re firm believers in making things last. We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and we know that, to use one of cycling’s most widely adopted terms, it’s about marginal gains. We’re looking at all areas of CHPT3, including what we offer you, to find new ways to operate and produce that don’t leave such a lasting impact.

For us, it must start with the garments we make. It is the heart of what we have done, are doing and always will do. We want to make things that can be used to their full extent. By producing collections that eschew fads that may be out of fashion next week, made from durable yet highly technical performance materials, we have a range that can form the heart of your cycling wardrobe for years to come. Treated well, looked after and appreciated, our kit will last as long as you want it to.

Cycling kit, no matter how well made, is more delicate than your off-bike wardrobe. It’s why we have teamed up with Clothes Doctor to bring you products designed to extend the life of your kit, as well as a full care guide full of tips and tricks to keep your kit as fresh as the day you got it.


Since 2017, Clothes Doctor have made a range of natural, plastic-free and beautifully scented laundry and clothing care products. They, like us, believe that everything in your wardrobe should be there for a good time AND a long time. Not only that, but with a team of incredible seamstresses, they are here for all your care and repair needs.

The fast fashion horse hasn’t just bolted, it’s left the stables, grown and won the grand national. The way we treat our clothes does not compare to the way our grandparents, even our parents did. Now, once we are tired of something, we get something new. Fresh styles and seasons drop on us at a pretty unseasonable rate. And if anything breaks or begins to wear, many of us, ourselves included, have been too quick to discard the item as terminal and find something new.

CHPT3 and Clothes Doctor want to help extend the life of your cycling kit through considered cleaning, protection and repair services.

Clothes Doctor was founded by Lulu O’Connor in 2017. Their belief is that through fast fashion, we have lost our way and forgotten important knowledge and skills to do with our wardrobes. Producers want us to buy more, more regularly so offer little information on care labels and rarely explain how to mend and repair garments. With their products, services and advice, Clothes Doctor help people reconnect with their clothing.

By extending the life of your clothes by 9 months, you can reduce their carbon, water and landfill footprint by up to 30%. That’s a lot.

Clothes Doctor’s No.5 Sports Wash is specifically designed to be kind on kit but tough on the wide range of mud, muck and grime we encounter on Most Days on the bike.

No.5 offers a powerful cleaning experience, specifically designed for synthetic fibres and performance fabrics.

Refreshing lime and cooling peppermint is combined with deodorising essential oils of eucalyptus and lemongrass. Your kit will never have smelt so good.

No.5 is an essential part of any outdoor or sportswear care kit.

What’s more, if something goes wrong, you can get It repaired. We’ve all been there. A little crash here, a rogue tree branch there. Scars are cool, it’s one of life’s great truths. Love your imperfections, every rip, tear and scuff is a story. Clothes Doctor’s crack team of menders are on hand to fix zips, repair stitching or patch holes.

Just head over to Clothes Doctor for more information.