CHPT3 launches the worlds first cycling shoe engineered for riding in the city.

Transit is the first cycling shoe in the world that has been purely engineered for riding in the city. The urban cycling shoe looks like a fashion sneaker yet functions like a cycling shoe.

  • Transit combines technology from professional cycling with the most desirable object of modern streetwear.
  • Transit comes in a limited edition exclusively made for Brompton owners and are for sale on from early February, 2023.
  • The first 500 customers that order will get 24 hours early access to the limited edition Brompton x CHPT3 V4 bike in 8 selected markets*

Brompton V4 Pre-order

Will I be guaranteed a Brompton V4?

No. Early access does not guarantee the purchase of a Brompton x CHPT3 V4 bike order, as supplies are limited by Brompton. It only provides access to purchase 24 hours before the official launch.

How will I get access to the pre-order?

Customers based in an eligible country will be emailed a pre-order link 24hours in advance of the Brompton V4 launching. Don't forget to check your junk mail!

Who can access the V4 Pre-order?

Limited edition Transit Shoe is available on and only enables access to the Brompton x CHPT3 V4 bike in the following markets: UK, USA, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and Belgium.

"The first time I tried the shoe, it felt sensational. The cycling shoe feels like a super comfortable sneaker, and you can even run it. When you click in on the bike, you've got performance tech on your feet that gives you the same benefits as a road racer."

founder of CHPT3, David Millar.

Fit and sizing

How do the shoes fit compared to other brands?

The Transit shoes are cycling shoes and have a tight fit to give you more control and power transfer on the bike. However, compared to a normal cycling shoe or other commuter shoe the Transit shoe has a comfortable fit and flexibility in the forefoot. When you choose your size you should compare it to what size you are normally wearing for your running shoes or favourite sneaker. So for example if you are normally wearing a size 8 you should choose size 8. If you would prefer a looser fit to the shoe, then we suggest choosing a size up.

Are the shoes available in multiple sizes?

The first edition of CHPT3 Transit comes in eight different sizes. European size options are 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44 and 45. Use the size chart to find your comparable size in US, UK, and Japanese sizes.

Is there a size chart available?

Yes, you can find the size chart on the product page.

Are the shoes suitable for both men and women?

The shoes are suitable for both men and women. We will be extending size options with subsequent launches.

"I have a different perspective not coming from the cycling industry. I took a fresh look at the various hybrid cycling shoes made for travel, city, or gravel and found that you can’t actually walk in them. As an urban cyclist, you are forced to change shoes when you jump off the bike to go to work or to hang out with your friends. The revelation became clear: nobody has ever designed a cycling shoe you can wear all day."

James Carnes, Priority Athletic

Product Features and Maintenance

Are the shoes water resistant?

The CHPT3 Transit shoes feature an upper made of premium natural leather. While leather does have a degree of natural water resistance, it is not waterproof. Therefore, it is important to take note that prolonged exposure to water or heavy rain may cause damage to the shoes. However, in case of light rain or small amounts of water, the shoes can handle it well. To help protect the shoes from water damage, we recommend using a water-repellent spray and avoiding prolonged exposure to water.

Are there any special features or technologies used in the shoe design?

The CHPT3 Transit shoe is based on an entirely new plate technology THE O.W.N Microplate is a revolutionary new plate technology to give the rider SPD compatibility and force transfer to the pedal without the stiffness of a normal plate. The O.W.N Microplate is completely concealed under the midsole.

Almost all urban cycling shoes use a full plate to give the rider stiffness and the option to clip into the pedals. This makes urban cycling shoes perform on the bike, but makes them impossible to walk in and wear all day. CHPT3 Transit is designed with a plate that gives you performance benefits of a cycling shoe and the comfort of a luxury sneaker.

The SPD cleat is hidden in the midsole which makes it noiseless. You can wear the shoe all day without noticing you are actually wearing a cycling shoe.

Can I use the CHPT3 Transit shoe for gravel?

You can use the shoe for gravel riding, particularly rides where you also want to do other things like go to a restaurant, go for a walk, visit a site or other purposes where you plan to be off the bike as well as on the bike. Bear in mind the CHPT3 Transit Shoe is not designed to be a pure performance shoe. If you want to go on a gravel ride to go fast then we advise you to use a normal gravel cycling shoe.

Can I wear the shoe all day?

The CHPT3 Transit shoe is designed to wear all day on and off the bike. Wear it on the road, to the office, the café, the club – you can ride, walk, jump, and dance everywhere. Flat pedal or SPD compatible, a flexible sole, sneaker comfort, and a high traction outsole to use as a third brake.

Does the flat pedal version have any specific benefits for cycling?

Even though you can use the flat pedal version as a premium sneaker you wear all day it is actually designed specifically for urban cycling. It comes with a reinforced outsole optimised to integrate with various pedals and durability on the street. It has a high traction outsole designed to work as a “third brake” for tricks and stops. It has a midsole design with a 10 mm drop to give you a perfect position on the bike.

Does the shoe come with cleats and pedals?

The CHPT3 Transit shoes come with a built-in cleat plate for mounting a SPD cleat. You will need to buy a cleat and an SPD pedal to get the full advantage of the shoes, the same way you need to when you buy a normal cycling shoe.

Is the shoe compatible with other pedals than SPD?

The shoe comes with a built-in plate that is compatible for SPD pedals. If your pedal system fits an SPD cleat then you should be able to use that system too. Check with your local bike shop for advice on what pedal systems will work with an SPD plate.

How do I care for and maintain the shoes?

The upper of the shoe are made of premium leather. To help protect the shoes from water damage, we recommend using a water-repellent spray and avoiding prolonged exposure to water.

To take care for and maintain your shoes , you can follow these steps:

  • Clean the leather surface regularly with a damp cloth or soft brush to remove dirt and grime.
  • Avoid getting the leather wet and let it dry naturally if it does get wet.
  • Use a waterproofing spray or wax to protect the leather from water damage.
  • Store the sneakers in a cool, dry place to prevent the leather from drying out and cracking.
  • If your shoes get dirty, use a mild leather cleaner.

Design and sustainability

Who designed the shoes?

The CHPT3 Transit shoes are designed by James Carnes, former global creative director at Adidas. James used his +20 years of experience of designing athletic shoes and sports inspired sneakers to rethink urban cycling shoes. The CHPT3 Transit shoes are designed and produced by his athletic footwear brand Priority Athletic as a collaboration with CHPT3. James is also a co-owner of CHPT3.

Who is Priority Athletic?

The CHPT3 Transit shoe is marketed in collaboration with the athletic footwear brand Priority Athletic. The brand is co-founded by James Carnes and Mikkel B. Rasmussen who both are partners in CHPT3. Priority Athletic is a new athletic footwear brand that designs and makes premium athletic footwear for people that want to live an athletic life and put themselves as a priority. The CHPT3 Transit shoe is the first launch of the brand. Priority Athletic plans to launch a luxury running shoe called Supernatural in the autumn 2023.

Are the shoes made ethically?

At CHPT3, we are committed to making our products as sustainable as possible while maintaining high performance standards.

Our CHPT3 Transit shoes are manufactured in Germany with our manufacturing partner Footwear Innovation Lab, which adheres to strict German labor laws and has a strong commitment to ethical practices.

The midsole is made with PU that is high performance but not yet sustainable. We considered using a biobased PU, but the testing revealed that biobased PU did not yet match our standards for a high performance shoe. We are looking for a more sustainable solution for the coming versions of the Transit shoe.

The upper is made of premium leather, which comes as a byproduct of farming. The leather we use is chrome free.