Men's Jackets & Gilets

Men's Jackets & Gilets


    Taking comfort to a new level, CHPT3 cycling jackets are designed with a professional athlete's experiences in mind and a commitment to recycle and re-use. All CHPT3 cycling jackets are manufactured in Europe and feature recycled fabrics and components, yet without ever sacrificing comfort or style.

    Built for protection in adverse weather conditions. Instead of working against the elements, CHPT3 jackets allow you to embrace them, enjoy them, make them your own. When others are slowing down in winter you're still speeding up. With the introduction of the Rocka, CHPT3 changed what it meant to dress for winter. Now a jacket could be windproof, highly water repellent and incredibly stylish. You could keep it on during your post-ride arrangements.

    With design and fabric advancements, gone are the days of wearing layers upon layers to keep warm and dry. Now, with jackets that are built for changeable conditions, you only need to choose the CHPT3 jacket that suits the bulk of the weather you'll face, safe in the knowledge it’s been designed to rise to the occasion even if conditions take an unexpected turn. For extra protection and peace of mind, CHPT3 packable jackets and gilets use materials chosen for their incredible shielding properties, while keeping weight to an absolute minimum. A gilet that may spend 90% of its time in your pocket needs to be extremely packable and featherweight, so you can forget you're carrying it until you really need it.

    All CHPT3 jackets feature enhanced reflectivity to maximise your safety and visibility, yet maintaining the classic and timeless CHPT3 branding you'd expect, meaning you can be sure to receive the nod from those that know.