OFF BIKE Podcast: Mikkel B. Rasmussen

OFF BIKE Podcast: Mikkel B. Rasmussen

The OFF BIKE Podcast is hosted by David Millar and Mikkel B.Rasmussen, it was created as a vehicle to talk to cyclist's about their life off the bike. LINK TO APPLE PODCASTS HERE.

In the words of David:

This episode is about Mikkel and I, how cycling introduced the two of us and the off-bike friendship it's created. I interview Mikkel about his life and work: it's a conversation we would never have in normal circumstances. Mikkel talks about cycling, economics, design, and anthropology, and ultimately; what being human means.

We did this in Copenhagen at the HQ of the company Mikkel co-founded, ReD Associates - thank you to Thomas Hughes, Ian Dull and Martin Gronemann for putting up with my interrupting their day to interview them. ReD is a company like no other, and that was the other reason I wanted us to do this episode, because personally I wanted to understand more about what they do. It filled me with hope, and in this crazy time we're living in that's important, because without hope there is no optimism.

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