Most Days

Most Days




  When beginning the design of our own performance cycling apparel, this was our first principle: It must for for most days for most people. In one way or another every day is different. Wherever you live, wherever you ride, we want to make CHPT3 cycling clothing that becomes your timeless go-to choice.
  Cycling is the most technically advanced sport in the world to design for. No recreational pursuit requires such diverse performance from its product. You can start in the cold and dark, early in the morning when you’re tired and slow with a near resting heart rate.


New Days are here. We’re calling them most days. We’ve made cycling kit to meet you wherever your ride takes you. Our next chapter is purpose built for the condition we encounter on Most Days.

  You’re in the city. You need to be seen. Three hours later you could be on the limit sweating like you’re in a shower,in need of ventilation, halfway up a 13% gradient you don’t know, worrying about the -2 degrees wind chill going down the other side. You want to dry quickly if it rains. Warm up if it gets too cold. Be protected from the wind. Stay comfortable if you get lost.


Our products have been purpose built for the conditions we encounter on Most Days. Breathable. Fitted. Designed by a pro racer to perform.

  Pro racers don’t get to choose the brands they wear, that is done by the team management, yet what they do get to choose is how and what they wear from what’s on offer. A professional racing cyclist will choose a go-to outfit that works most of the time, they become accustomed to it, they put their trust in it to do the job – they don’t think twice about choosing it from the extensive range they have at their calling. In fact, they’ll often use just one design of shorts through a three-week long Grand Tour, no matter the distance of the stage or weather conditions. It could be a cold and wet, flat and fast, or a short and hot mountain stage, they’ll wear the same outfit because they know it will work for them – that’s most days for a pro racer, and that’s how CHPT3 has designed it’s cycling clothing to perform for you.