CHPT3 Women - Nanna Sine Munnecke

CHPT3 Women - Nanna Sine Munnecke

Copenhagen might be a small capital, but it has it all.


Beautiful changing seasons, seaside roads, woodlands in and around the city, fantastic food and unique design. But most importantly, it’s the best city for cycling. 9 out of 10 people own one or more bikes and will ride an average of 1,6km a day. There are more than 12,000 kilometres of cycle routes in Denmark and Copenhagen alone has around 400km of cycle paths.

Compared to many other major cities, cycling in Copenhagen is a part of everyone's most days.

Nanna Sine Munnecke is based in Copenhagen and use her bikes for everything whether it’s travelling, commuting, having fun or exercising. She's only a stones throw away from the city river, the beach and Amager Fælled, a protected nature reserve that Nanna enjoys on early morning or late evening rides.

She’s the co-founder of Volt women. A platform creating a strong community for women and sports. A forum allowing women to set goals and engage with other inspirational women, with a main passion for running. Having run for years, Nanna picked up a road bike and felt the freedom of sport even more.

She doesn't limit herself to a certain distance or sport. She takes on everything from road and gravel riding to track running, swimming, paddleboarding and skiing. It’s about pushing yourself and trying something new. Nanna does this with the most beautiful and infectious smile. She invites you in and inspires you to get going.

“When your mind is set free it opens up for new thoughts"

"I’ve learned how important that is for me. It’s my way of brainstorming for work and other things in life” says Nanna. “When I’m out on my bike I feel happy and I feel free. I don’t always have to be going 170km, sometimes a small ride around my little Island, Amager, is just enough. This is when you become it with your mind and body”.

Winding down and occasional breaks are also vital for Nanna. In a world where living has become a high pace sport, it is the only opportunity to experience freedom and take in every smell and beautiful scenery. However, winding down for Nanna usually means prepping for another adventure with her fiancé, Claus.

Stay tuned for our Copenhagen Community Ride, starting soon with Nanna as your local guide.