CHPT3 Brompton Club Accessories

CHPT3 Brompton Club Accessories


When we set out to make the CHPT3 Brompton, we didn’t realise that a passionate and creative community would grow out of it. You have taken the CHPT3 Brompton bike and made it into something completely your own. We’ve seen it win Brompton World Championships, take you up the tallest mountains, and help you through the proverbial valleys. We are proud of the adventures you have created with this machine. So proud, that our first forays into creating new products to call own begins with a limited range of CHPT3 Brompton Club Accessories.


In 2015, we set out to design and build the CHPT3 Brompton V1. We knew that we wanted to make a machine that was lightweight, stripped down, dynamic, and useful for everyday life. We knew what specifications we thought would be brilliant. What we wanted it to look like. To feel like. What we didn’t realise is that while we were building a machine, the most incredible result of our work wasn’t actually the bike. It was the international community of people who loved it as much as we did. The magic of the CHPT3 Brompton lies in the people who have made it more than a commuter bike.


This community has been the catalyst and the magic behind the evolution of CHPT3 x Brompton. This CHPT3 Brompton community has become a family in places near and far away. C3B has met us where we are; rain or shine. Physically together or distanced. This community has deeply connected us to the places we live, and the places we wander. 


As the pandemic has shifted our mindsets; many have found this community as a resource to find new ways to move through our spaces. It’s made us realise the value of space and the impact of cars. This community has inspired us to opt for cycleways over cars. A Fabric saddle in place of an Underground seat. For many of us, it’s been our tether to nature. To ourselves. And to our people. 

As our community has grown, we’ve continued to be inspired by the way you connect in times when connection is more nuanced, but has never been more vital. We are proud of what you have made; and so we will continue to make new products for you to enjoy.

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