The Racer: The Inside Story of Life on the Road - Paperback

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A unique and powerful insight into the mind of a professional cyclist in his last year before retirement, from British cyclist David Millar, writer of the bestselling ‘Racing Through the

What is it like to be swept along at 60kmh in the middle of the pack? What happens to the body during a high-speed chute? What tactics must teams employ to win the day, the jersey, the grand tour? What sacrifices must a cyclist make to reach the highest levels? What is it like on the bus? In the hotels? What camaraderie is built in the confines of a team? What rivalries? How does it feel to be constantly on the road, away from loved ones, tasting one more calorie-counted hotel breakfast?

David Millar offers us a unique insight into the mind of a professional cyclist during his last year before retirement. Over the course of a season on the World Tour, Millar puts us in touch with the sights, smells and sounds of the sport. This is a book about youth and age, fresh-faced excitement and hard-earned experience. It is a love letter to cycling.

David Millar's book takes you inside the sport of cycling while also emphasising the

absurdity of it. It's quite rare for a sportsman to be so immersed and yet able to
detach themselves from it all ... The parts on crashing are amazing. I felt frightened
and sore reading it'

Richard Moore, author of Slaying the Badger

'Cycling has always been about a great deal more than its winners, and The Racer is
quite a ride' 

Jon Day, Spectator

'What’s it really like to be a professional bike racer? David Millar gives you an
unparalleled insight'

Colin Henrys, Road Cycling UK

'A love letter to the simple pleasure of riding a bike, and a very well-written one at

Jamie Beach, Bike Radar

'Millar's love for what he did, and the curious world he inhabited for 18 years, shines
through his prose'

  First Published: 5th May 2016
Binding: Paperback
Depth : 20mm
Extent: 304 pages


'Poignant, articulate and at times very funny' 

Alasdair Fotheringham, Independent

'This exceptional title is a must for anyone (which includes me) who doesn’t quite
understand the psychology of a professional cyclist.'

Graham Watson, Cycle Sport


First Published: 5th May 2016
Binding: Paperback
Depth : 20mm
Extent: 304 pages


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