CHPT3 Transit Shoe

The power of a pro cycling shoe, the comfort of a luxury sneaker. A first of its kind cycling shoe engineered for riding in the city. Wear it on the road, to the office, the café, the club – you can ride, walk, jump, and dance everywhere.

Designed from
the Sole Up

The Transit shoe rethinks every single element in a cycling shoe: the design, the materials, the cushioning, the comfort, and the technology. The result is the most innovative and luxurious urban cycling shoe the world has ever seen.

Transit Features

Style and Performance

Experience the perfect blend of race shoe performance and luxury sneaker comfort, made with luxury-grade leather.

Ride Unrestricted

Effortlessly transition from cycling to walking. No more changing shoes—wear them all day.

Clip in, Clip out Easily

Our innovative GoPlate provides powerful pedalling on the bike and super comfort off the bike, noiseless when you walk.

Urban cycling reimagined - Transit - Pre-order - Released 2024 Urban cycling reimagined - Transit - Pre-order - Released 2024