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Origin Jersey MK2 - Forest Grey


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Lighter than any pro jersey, tailored like no other and versatile enough for every ride- the Origin Jersey is back.

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Constructed with an incredibly lightweight 50 g/m2 material that we developed alongside Castelli, it’s lighter than any race jersey. In fact, the unique material is so light that it cannot hold the ink needed to print sponsors logos on it and therefore has never been used in the pro peloton.

A tailored, super lightweight jersey you say? Sounds... err, specific.
Well, since the original version, we've refined some of the details, such as the neck collar for real-world use based on your feedback. We've also pared back the construction further to give an even cleaner look. Amazingly though, the
 fabric used for this Jersey also provides a good amount of wind proofing, despite its incredibly low weight, giving it the best of both worlds. Even more surprisingly, especially considering this hasn’t been designed with racing in mind, it's very fast – faster than most specially developed aero jerseys. This truly is a jersey for the real world, then. 

  • 50g stretch woven fabric makes it light and gives it an amazing feel unlike anything else
  • Side panel inserts in stretch woven mesh
  • 6-hole buttons secure collar strap around neck or nicely folded away
  • 4 pockets provide storage for everything
  • Embossed logos at front
  • Woven label on pocket
  • Microfibre CHPT3 grip elastic at waist
  • Laser cut and no-sew welded darts to give perfect shaping

The fabric used for the Origin Jersey has slightly less elasticity than normal cycling jerseys. Your chest measurement will be the right fit for the jersey, yet be aware that there's little forgiveness, so if you have any doubt we'd recommend going up by one size.

too light for the pro's

get real - we did