Most Days Grand Tour Shorts

Most Days Women's Bib Short - Outer Space

  • Most Days Women's Bib Short - Outer Space
  • Most Days Women's Bib Short - Carbon

A professional racer would choose his/hers most trusted shorts for the grand tours. The Most Days Grand Tours shorts have been designed to be your most trusted shorts for long and varied days in the saddle. The shorts are lightweight and have a second skin feel to them. The pad is 3D shaped and has a layer of silicone that sculpts the pad to the shape of your bum. This gives you an invisible feel and protects you against chafing. Bonus info: the shorts are made of recycled fishing nets.


Designed for road cycling.


It can be hard, easy, fast or slow, every ride is different. The Most Days Bib Shorts are designed to be versatile, your favourite and most trusted piece of cycling apparel that you don't think twice about putting on: ready for however, and wherever, you choose to ride.



Most Days Tech

Using recycled materials that were originally fishing nets, these shorts are designed to be your most trusted riding partner. With a state-of-the-art sculpted pad, ultra-lightweight straps and enough elastane to keep them moving with the rhythm of your legs, these are all the bibs you’ll ever need. 

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