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Girona Devesa Jersey - Fire Red


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Our most versatile cycling jersey, designed to make every day rides feel far from 'everyday'

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Made from lightweight, custom Italian fabrics, we've designed this jersey to be everything you need, on just about every type of ride, but without shouting about it. It's breathable, moisture-wicking and incredibly soft against your skin - it feels fast but not a 'i've been shrink-wrapped' kind of fast. It feels perfect.

When someone can't see the wood for the trees it's means they can't understand a situation clearly because they're too involved in it. Cycling is often a means to help us clear our heads, to stand back and look at life's problems with a wider perspective. It was in the Devesa forest on the outskirts of Girona that we had our own moment of clarity, noticing the subtle '3' pattern imprinted in nature on the bark of the trees. From here the Devesa pattern found on this jersey was created.

We've worked with legends of cycling clothing design, Castelli to hone the cut of this jersey and the result is just right. So that's we called it. The aim is to make sure that you're really comfortable wearing it on your everyday rides, the rides that you do day in, day out in a variety of weather and at different intensities - after all, that's what it's been made for. The result is a jersey that's neither too tight, nor loose and flappy. Wide, silicone hems on the sleeves and waist make sure everything stays comfortably in place while the shaping of the collar is great whether in the drops or pulling up to the office.

  • Cut with comfort in mind - not too aero, and certainly not flappy
  • Super soft and comfortable against your skin
  • Moisture-wicking material keeps you at the right temperature
  • Lightweight, fast drying fabric
  • Nice, wide raw edge sleeve endings mean no pinching on your arms or sleeves riding up
  • A shaped collar provides comfort on the drops and a classy look at the cafe
  • 3 open rear pockets and a 4th zipped pocket
  • Woven CHPT3 label

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