GIRONA Base Layer - Vulcan Black

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Our famously lightweight, high-wicking base layer, putting Girona at the heart of your look.

To be worn beneath the Girona Jersey, the CHPT3 Girona base layer puts the cycling capital of the world and home of CHPT3 at the centre of your look. Managing the moisture created by your efforts, the lightweight Girona base layer ensures that your temperature is controlled perfectly and your style remains oh-so-cool.

Originally used by Castelli to make a super lightweight climber’s jersey for the Tour de France, the fabric of our base layers is extremely lightweight and has superb wicking properties. The issue encountered when used for a jersey was longevity, often the hems would become unstitched as the fabric was so lightweight that it couldn’t hold the stitching adequately. The solution we've provided to this has been to create ‘false’ hems, instead of folding over the edge of the material and sewing it down there are additional panels of material sewn on with double stitching where the fold of the hem would normally be. Unfathomably lightweight and created to last - an essential.

  • Lightweight 3D mesh fabric is 100% microfibre polyester for minimal moisture absorption
  • Hydrophilic outer layer
  • Neck, armholes and hem are lined for additional comfort
  • Stretch panels at hem
  • Woven label
  • Weight: 68g