This is the bike we wish we had when we were racing - available as a frameset for you to customise.

This is the bike we wish we had when we were racing. Its the bike Belgium World Champion Oliver Naesen is riding in the 2018 Paris Roubaix. It's the bike I ride every day. Not only is it a marvel of technical and aerodynamic engineering, this very special O2 has our own ONEMORELAP design inspired by the Roubaix velodrome, but that's another story. Frameset includes frame, headset, bottom bracket, fork, bar, stem and seatpost. Available in disc or rim brake options. As a CHPT3.com exclusive, we are giving away a full set of CHPT3 kit to the first 10 customers. Choose your sizes, add it to your basket and enter the code 'ONEMORELAPFIRST10' in the checkout, and your ONEMORELAP Jersey, bib shorts, socks, baselayer and mussette will be free, zero, gratis. De nada.

The Factor O2 is now available in our exclusive CHPT3 ONEMORELAP colour scheme. Think back on the qualities you’ve most admired in the bikes you’ve ridden. If you’re anything like us, that list includes rock-solid handling at speed, confidence in corners, comfort over those roughest roads, stiffness as you gut out a sprint and a fit that didn’t require a million spacers or a custom stem.

The people responsible for how the O2 rides all raced at the ProTour level. This is the bike they wish they had when they were racing. We know first-hand how important solid handling is. We also know that a bike can be too stiff and what that will do to a body when you’re racing for five or six hours a day for days on end. It's such an interesting story that we've written a series all about our relationship with Factor.

What we’ve found is that it’s important for a bike to have enough stiffness. Rather than use one steerer dimension for all sizes, Factor have size-specific tubes and layups so that the feel of our largest frame is the same as the feel of their smallest frame. The O2 imparts an experience.

Another significant difference between this O2 and the bikes we rode in the peloton is the inclusion of disc brakes. Once you’ve had a chance to ride disc brakes and enter a mountain switchback with the hot speed of a go-kart on a race track and enjoyed the incredible stopping power and precise control that disc brakes offer, going back to rim calipers feels like putting down tube shifters back on the bike. This is the version of the O2 we prefer, but we offer both.

Factor are the factory producing bikes for other companies, at the ground floor developing the first layups for disc brake road bikes. They know what it takes to produce a frame and fork strong enough to take the braking loads of disc brakes without the ride becoming too harsh. And while many manufacturers have had to resort to relaxed geometry to make room for the caliper and rotors, they’ve maintained exactly the same geometry as the rim-brake version of the O2; it gives up nothing in handling.

Even though the O2 doesn’t share the aerodynamic goals of the Factor One, that doesn’t mean they’ve ignored aerodynamics altogether. From the smooth transitions and rounded tube shapes, the lack of sharp edges was a conscious decision to design a bike that performed without compromise without simultaneously giving the bike an aerodynamic flaw that would hurt its rider’s quest for speed.

There’s more to a great carbon fiber frame than just designing a great shape and using good materials. The O2 is a study in the dark art of layup. Not only do Factor choose particular materials for their ability to contribute to the bike’s stiffness and ride quality, they cut them to exacting standards and place them in carefully selected locations, making sure the layers overlap no more than necessary; extra fiber is a waste, both in performance and weight.

Without such careful attention to detail they wouldn’t be able to produce a frame that weighs 740 grams that is stiff enough to contest Paris-Roubaix and strong enough to still be rideable after a crash. 

The Frameset includes frame, headset, bottom bracket, fork, bar, stem, seatpost. We do this rather than offer just a frame and fork because we have engineered our chassis to work together as a system. When we talk about balance, we’re talking about our obsessive attention to ride quality. Anyone can make a stiff bike or a light bike. We have created a bike that is light, stiff and rides unlike anything else you’ve encountered. That feel depends on using a bar, stem and seatpost designed specifically for that bike.

Other pictured components not included.

The Caliper version is compatible with both Mechanical and Electronic gears, and has standard quick release. The Disc version is only compatible with electronic gears (di2, SRAM ETAP, CAMPAG EPS) and has 12mm through axles.

Our initial stock of the bikes have both bars and stems scaled to suite the frame size. You can see the relevant sizing combination under the sizing tab. If you have specific questions about the configuration, please contact us.

  • Frame: RGi Carbon construction, tapered/shaped 1-1/8″ upper and 1-3/8″ lower head tube, compact pro race geometry, internal cable routing, rim or disc (flat mount) brakes. Compatible with electric and mechanical gearing.
  • Fork: RGi Carbon, Svelte, rim or disc (flat mount) brakes
  • Headset: CeramicSpeed with CeramicSpeed/Factor top cover
  • Bottom Bracket: CeramicSpeed PF4630 Aluminium cups / CeramicSpeed bearings with Wheels MFG 24 mm BBRight Reducers / Adaptors
  • Integrated Barstem: Black Inc Carbon Fiber Integrated Barstem with relative length according to frame size - check size guide for details.
  • Seatpost: Black Inc Seatpost

Attention to detail on the O2 is absolute, from precisely controlling the material and resin production process, right down to everyday practical detailing that ensures that assembly and maintenance are as refined as the ride itself.

UCI Approved for both rim brake and disc brake models.

Factor use layup simulation software called Fibersim that enables us to model the exact size, shape, orientation and placement of every ply, and then add them up into a virtual build of a frame before ever cutting any pre-preg. This process allows Factor to put no more carbon fiber into the frame than is necessary. As a result, there is no wasted material in the frame; with Factor, it goes in the garbage, where it belongs.

The O2 frame is made with three different carbon types, each selected for different performance characteristics. Standard Modulus, Medium Modulus and High Modulus Pitch Fibre. While the first two are common to the cycling industry the last – the Pitch Fibre – is far more rare because it demands specific skills to work with, and comes at a relatively very high cost. But Factor use it simply because it’s the lightest and stiffest carbon available for bike frames that can be manipulated.

As with other Factor bikes, the O2 Disc uses three kinds of fiber: Standard Modulus, Medium Modulus and High Modulus Pitch Fiber. The High Pitch Fiber is as rare as it is expensive and our workers go through rigorous training to correctly use this material. Despite the cost and difficulty of working with it, Factor use it because High Pitch fiber helps give Factor bikes their low weight and signature ride quality.

The Svelte Fork in both rim brake and disc brake models found on the O2 features a 1 1/8-inch to 1 3/8-inch tapered steerer that smoothly blends into the fork’s crown and down into the fork blades, creating a smooth run of fiber for superior strength and ride quality. Factor's sculpted blades are designed with minimal surface area to reduce weight and improve aerodynamics while maintaining best-in-class lateral stiffness. The Svelte fork is also designed to easily clear 28 mm tires; the combination of the Svelte fork and larger tires yields a surprisingly comfortable ride for a race bike.

Factor hid the seatpost clamp inside the O2’s frame. We love how this improved the look of the frame, but more importantly, it increased the frame’s comfort by increasing the length of the seatpost that can flex, and simultaneously improved aerodynamics by eliminating that turbulence-creating seat clamp.

The hidden seatpost clamp contributes to the O2’s clean and uncluttered aesthetic and improves aerodynamics.

Factor chose the BBright bottom bracket system because it’s light, allows improved frame stiffness, reduces weight and is compatible with nearly every aftermarket crank standard, including: BBright, BB386 EVO, standard Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo 24 mm external-type bottom brackets.