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A simple, zipped pouch to keep all of your bits and pieces in one place, ready to grab when you head out of the door on your next ride. We call it the CHPT3 Useful Not Technical case but you can call it what you like.


The first 100 purchases will be in with the chance to win 1,000,000 Vietnamese Dong. Chosen at random, one of you lucky lot will receive your new case, stuffed full with Dong.

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We see the word ‘essential’ used quite a lot in the cycling world, almost as much as in the aisles of Waitrose. It got us thinking, “what’s actually essential on a bike ride?”. Some air in our tyres and water in our bottle certainly covers it on the most part for our riding, but what about the nice to have things? The little items which reduce the barriers to getting out on our bikes and shave some time off storming from the house to the garage searching for that "bloody inner tube" again?

The Inessential Case is our simple answer: an unfussy little pouch to carry the items that you often need on the bike with you, ensuring that they remain in one convenient place to pick up on your way out of the door. Fill it with a tube, multi-tool, chain link… that sort of thing. Always ready, always with you, never essential, often useful. 

Useful, not essential


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