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2019 Brompton x CHPT3 Bike

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The stripped back Brompton made for road cyclists, back for 2019. The CHPT3 Brompton offers a fast, stylish and premium alternative for your city life.

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"It's four years since I met with Brompton and we began creating a bike which is now an integral part of my life, and I'll go as far as saying my favourite bike. Brompton is British engineering at its very best, every bike is built to such incredible tolerances and designed to endure every day life, with CHPT3 we bring our racing heritage and aesthetic to that solidity, we strip it back and bring it closer to the purity of a racing bike. It's truly a joy to ride, I dare you not to smile when you ride it." Despite David Millar's extensive collection of race bikes from his 18 year professional career, the CHPT3 Brompton is his favourite bike and that which picks up the most compliments.

Building on the bike which shook the genre like nothing before, this latest evolution hones our design-led collaboration, chiselling its details and sharpening its image. An image which has been influenced by our own evolving story, we've introduced the Girona-inspired Devesa pattern on the new Fabric titanium railed saddle, given it a smarter, more modern paint job whilst holding onto the Fire Red front end that marks it out. Speed matters and so the bike has been kept lightweight, allowing for an agile city racer, whilst retaining all of the existing attributes that make a Brompton, a ‘Brompton'. It looks different, it looks refined, elegant and fast, in essence, it looks CHPT3.

With its painted titanium rear frame and front fork (a touch that CHPT3 first introduced to a Brompton), along with a number of premium touch points, this bike is designed for road cyclists who value the weight savings. We've enhanced its racers spirit, too with a tuned rear suspension block to slightly stiffen the ride, providing you with a more relatable feeling.

  • Race tuned, extra firm, red suspension block
  • Schwalbe One 35mm tan-wall tyres
  • Fabric Scoop titanium railed saddle with Devesa print
  • Machined hinge clamps
  • Fabric slim dual texture kraton rubber grips
  • S-type handlebars
  • 6-speed
Bromptons have a universal fit, so you will fit this bike.


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