The next 24 months will see many new things happening with CHPT3:


Our Castelli collaboration will move beyond a couture-like capsule range into a fully fledged design/production/distribution cycle. This means CHPT3 will have bigger ranges and a seasonal output while keeping exactly the same ethos when it comes to design and product longevity, this meaning that although we adhere to the industry sales cycle we do not adhere to their fashion following. Our collection is created to be built upon over time, the tech may change but the overall look will remain cohesive. This will begin fully for the winter 2018 collection.


This is one of our most exciting projects, one that will be seeing its fruition in the late summer of 2017. The final prototypes will be delivered to Ned Boulting and I for the beginning of the 2017 Tour de France, they will then spend the next three weeks being thoroughly tested before being finally raced at the Brompton World Championships on The Mall in London on Saturday 29th July. This has been a two year project, and is the first time Brompton have created a stripped down, dare I say, cool street version.


The Brooks collaboration started as a good old fashioned product development exercise, with me helping them refine the Cambium C13 saddle. The relationship was such a success that since then Brooks have created two custom CHPT3 saddles, the red C13 supplied as standard on the Factor x CHPT3 ONE, and the ONEMORELAP C13 available as a stand alone product. The future involves creating special edition Brooks x CHPT3 bags and leather goods, the intention being very similar to the original C13 development, to bring our modern sensibilities to the wonderful Brooks tradition and craftsmanship.


What started as a limited edition run of superbikes, because that’s essentially what the Factor x CHPT3 ONE is, has grown into a longer term collaboration, starting with the Factor x CHPT3 O2 that was designed especially for Ryder Hesjedal. The future will involve us constantly developing products with Factor, not only technically, but also aesthetically.


This is one of our favourite collaborations, a brand that I'm proud to share a racing history with. Much of this is still secret, but it promises to be very exciting, and will see the first light of day towards the end of 2017.


We will be releasing our own designed/manufactured/branded products towards the end of 2017 and onwards, this is where we intend to bring everything we learn from our collaborations into products that are not necessarily cycling based yet maintain the exceptional technical standard and aesthetic that we adhere to. This will not affect our collaborative work as we see those as key to who and what we are, we recognise and appreciate the best of breed in each category and are proud to work with them in order that we can mutually benefit, them through our design ethos and us by their technical expertise.