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SG3 - The Mission


With SG3 we wanted to create something that could bring together men we admire and also aspire to, men who would not only serve as ambassadors but also inspiration. We didn’t want to rely on social media influencers, we wanted to create a group with whom we would hang out and could go on adventures with.  

The essence being to create something that was more than a classic cycling club, but something that was more akin to a gentlemen’s club of old, only with a 21st century twist. That twist being we’re not locked up in a sexist, stuffy, smoke-filled, antiquarian bolthole in St James, but we’re out travelling and doing stuff and enjoying ourselves and meeting people.  

Why ‘Sporting Group’? That was the name of one of my first cycling clubs, SG Bollington, a Northern England cycling club under which I held my first ever professional cycling licence. It also seemed more in line with the purpose and activity and overall character of the club, we would like to think the CHPT3 man is sporting by definition: “Fair and generous in one's behaviour or treatment of others, especially in a contest.”  

If you’re in Sporting Group 3 you are more than simply a cyclist, you are a certain type of gentleman, defined by character and style rather than any particular past time or achievement. These are the men we want to represent CHPT3, and we at CHPT3 want those same men to feel we represent them.


For the moment, while it’s in its early days, it is an invitation-only club, although we intend to open it up as a subscription members club over time in order to make it as inclusive as it is exclusive for now. We have invited only a very few, a diverse bunch, with the core being retired ex-professional bike racers, as we wanted to help them at the beginning of their new chapters and share the journey with them. The others couldn’t be more different yet somehow strangely similar in character and style. They are all CHPT3 men.