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Current Partners include:

  • Maserati
  • Jumeirah
  • Sub Zero and Wolf



Maserati, David Millar, CHPT3

I've loved Maserati since a young age, before that it was Lotus.  Strangely I chose an appreciation for both marques when they were probably at their lowest ebb, the late 1980's, early 1990's.  Although they were having a tough time during that period both had undeniably two of the most prestigious histories in motor racing, and I think it was this that really attracted me to them, there was something historical about them, dare I say, romantic. A bit like cycling.

Time passed, and in my heart, Maserati began to over shadow Lotus.  The main reason for this being the early 90's Ghibli, it remains for me a dream car, something that nobody in their right mind would have bought at the time because although Maserati were brilliant and beautiful, they were not exactly reliable.  All that changed in 1999 when Ferrari bought Maserati outright, with the ambition of turning it into a parallel luxury marque, yet without ever losing the performance, noise, poise, and general dramatic fun they'd always represented.

Things have changed massively in the past 20 years, not only with Maserati, but also with cycling.  Incredulously the two met in 2015 when Maserati were promoting their latest iteration of the Ghibli and all their market research pointed towards the cycling demographic being the prime audience.  I for one can vouch for that.  So, 25 years after first falling in love with a Ghibli, I found myself being asked to be an ambassador of Maserati and to drive a Ghibli.  Stars aligning and all that.

Now I'm driving a Levante, which ended up being more suited to the dirt road to our family home, I never thought I'd love an SUV so much, but then again, it's the fastest version Maserati make, so it's more sport than utility.  Which I'm just fine with.



Jumeirah, Mallorca cycling, CHPT3


Jumeirah is a brand I knew little about before being approached to help them promote their hotel in Mallorca.  It would have never crossed my mind that a hotel group based originally in Dubai would think about promoting cycling in Port Soller.  That was the first of many surprises.

Established in Dubai, it propelled the Emirate to its current status as a global leader in imaginative, exhilarating experiences, pushing the boundaries of luxury travel by celebrating traditions of Arabian hospitality.  All that is evident when arriving at the Jumeirah Port Soller, and all my preconceptions about Dubai were quickly destroyed through working closely with the Jumeirah group, in Mallorca, London, and Dubai.

The Grosvenor House Apartments in London has to be one of the outright coolest places to stay in London, and their new hotel in Dubai, the Jumeirah Al Naseem is not only the place to be in Dubai but also pushing hard to be a cyclists destination of choice, as mad as that may sound.  Like I said, they're full of surprises.  There's a reason they use "Stay Different" as their strapline.

Sub-Zero and Wolf 

Sub-Zero and Wolf, Europe, UK, CHPT3

This relationship began after I'd bought Sub-Zero and Wolf for the kitchen in our house, it had taken much research to come to the decision, although the research had proven there wasn't really any deliberation to be made.  The managing director of the business in Europe, Craig Davies, happened to be a big fan of cycling and after finding out who the Spanish delivery was going to got in touch and asked if I'd like to be an ambassador for the brand in the future.  It was a natural fit, and the fact Craig owns racing cars, including original Ford GT40's, meant we were destined to get along.

So, a bit about the company:

Founded in 1945 and headquartered in Madison, Sub-Zero, Inc., is the leading manufacturer of American-made luxury refrigeration, freezers and wine storage products. Specialising in food preservation, Sub-Zero pioneered the concept of dual refrigeration and prides itself on being the first company to store frozen foods at ultralow, “sub-zero” temperatures. In 2000, Wolf Appliance, Inc., the premier maker of ranges, ovens, cooktops and grills, was acquired by Sub-Zero; establishing the brands as corporate companions and kitchen soul mates.

Sub-Zero and Wolf have established themselves as the appliance brands of choice due to the robust, industrial feel of the high-quality stainless steel appliances that offers delicious results every time.

As the innovators of food preservation, Sub-Zero offers a unique ‘Air Purification’ system in their integrated and Built-In refrigeration lines, which removes harmful gases and odours; a process that was developed initially for NASA to aid food preservation. Additionally, the Dual Compressor system, standard on all Sub-Zero fridge/freezers, is a completely unique feature to Sub-Zero. The separate compressors within the fridge and freezer sections enable each compartment to operate independently meaning that odour and flavour transference is prevented to stop your ice-cubes tasting of fish! This exclusive function prevents temperature fluctuations, saves valuable energy and is proven to keep food fresher for longer.

Wolf offers a comprehensive range of built-in ovens, hobs, cooktops gas and dual fuel ranges offering the user precise control to deliver truly professional results in the home. The Wolf collection also includes sleek ventilation units and integrated warming drawers. Wolf’s Dual Convection electric oven system, a function exclusive to the brand, provides superior coverage eliminating uneven and inconsistent heating and reducing cooking time. The patented dual stacked burners on the gas cooktops also offer unrivalled temperature control and precision, ideal for melting butter or chocolate on a low heat or high temperature cooking. With superior performance and leading-edge design, Wolf appliances fuel a passion for cooking.

Sub-Zero & Wolf, 251 Brompton Road, London, SW3 2EP
0845 250 0010