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CHPT3 Dealer Service Course


Prologue Harrogate

In order for your store to be the very best it can be, and for us to maximize the potential we share with CHPT3, we have created this Dealer Service Course.  Much like a racing team has a service course behind the scenes, this is an equivalent resource for you and your team.  This is an area only available to you as a partner of CHPT3, and beyond this we are always available to speak in person to help explain and fill you in on the latest news and guide you through any of the information supplied here that isn't clear.

Beyond the content on this page you will find links to graphics, images and videos that will educate your team on everything CHPT3, we hope we've provided enough assets to allow you to create your own CHPT3 experience within your shop.  

Below you will find an overview of our brand, and how the various elements of CHPT3 work together.

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The Elevator Pitch

CHPT3 is a young brand, and many (Most?) of your customers will be encountering it for the first time when they see it in your shop.  It's necessary to be able to answer their first question: "What's CHPT3?" 

To answer this critical question in depth, we've created a brand book, but in a nutshell: CHPT3 is a collaborative brand that works with industry leaders, pushing them to their creative and aesthetic edge while utilising the latest in technological developments. 

The easier question to answer is "Why is it called CHPT3?" 

David Millar founded the brand when he retired from professional racing, after being repeatedly asked what the next chapter would be.  It wasn't chapter 2 as his career had already been split into two clear parts, so the only obvious answer was to start with chapter 3.  CHPT3 was created to take twenty years of racing experience and apply them in an innovative way using the latest technology creatively, rather than in the utilitarian methodology racing demands.

The brands we currently collaborate with are, Castelli, Factor, Brompton, and Brooks.  Q3 2018 will see new collaborations with POC and Fabric come to life.

Castelli logo

Factor Logo

Brompton Logo

Brooks logo

Brand Identity and Hierarchy

The brand identity has changed from the dm: Chpt./// of its early days to a more succinct CHPT3.  The original dm:Chpt./// branding is still found on some of the Castelli collection, although all products going forward will have the new CHPT3 branding.

Recently, we have expanded the CHPT3 Castelli collection, simplifying it in the process with a clear three tier hierarchy: ORIGIN / CHPT3 / GIRONA.  Each tier will have a colour coded internal label and its own exterior logo, although all will have the same white external CHPT3 label. All of this information in detail can be found on the assets page. 

Outside of the CHPT3 Castelli collection everything sits under the CHPT3 branding alone, this is what is found on the Brompton and Factor bikes.  

Brompton + Factor CHPT3

CHPT3 Shop Installations

From its inception, the CHPT3 has believed in brick and mortar shops. We want them to be the true home for the brand, the place where people first encounter our products and learn about how and why they were made.  We understand that each shop has its own personality, and for that reason we want to help you curate a unique CHPT3 experience in each store.

Taipei Pop UpIn our ASSETS, you will find direct links where we have stored photography, video, and graphics that give you the opportunity to create a bespoke CHPT3 experience in your shop, and also your media.

Photo wall montage


We know how important it is that everybody who works on a retail sales floor has an in-depth understanding of the product, and in response, we've created a series of unboxing videos for many of our products. We have experienced first hand how much this helps the customer understand the value of our products. When consumers learn the level of detail that goes into our proprietary designs, they become infinitely more interested in owning CHPT3 products.

View our download page for links to all downloaded assets