CHPT3 x Vielo

Dirt is where it all began, and in those early days you spend most of your time eating it. Years later you find the rough stuff, the joy of adventure. Of exploration. And on those journeys, you realise that maybe it had always been there, it’s just that you had forgotten to go off road in search – back to where it all began.

The dirt in Girona is better than the road. Only we couldn’t find a bike to match. So we built one.

A CHPT3 x Vielo. V+1

Looks dirty when it’s clean, and clean when it’s dirty. Designed by David Millar, made by Vielo, painted and built in Girona. The V+1 Gen 2 is stiff, fast and refined. Flys on the road and surfs the dirt. A single-minded go anywhere bike with blistering performance and breathtaking comfort. Clever design means you can use 700C of 650b wheels, you choose where you go – road, gravel, mud tracks – wherever. Fully equipped with the masterful Campagnolo Ekar and their stunning Shamal wheels with the peerless allround WTB Riddler 45 tyres. ISO 4210 certification means it is tough and up for the job.

“The roots of this collaboration are deeply connected through both our core values of honesty, integrity, reliability and just wanting to do things better.”
- Ian Hughes, co-founder of Vielo.

The inspiration behind the bike, the paint and the spec are all very close to David. He had a strong connection to Campagnolo during his Pro Tour days and felt it was right to reach out and make them a part of this journey.

“At CHPT3 we’ve brought together two things: Campagnolo and Eduard. The moment Campagnolo released their EKAR groupset, specifically designed for gravel riding, I realised we’d found our perfect match.

"Campagnolo represents everything about cycling, they were the pioneers. My first professional bike was equipped with Record, and the thumb down shifter is one of my favourite things in the world."

"The carbon Shamal wheels and WTB Riddler 45 tyres make all roads become a playground, and there’s something beautifully mechanical and analogue with Campagnolo that fits our vision for CHPT3 DIRT. Robust and elegant."
- David Millar, CEO of CHPT3.

The CHPT3 x Vielo. V+1 will be made in small batches. Only 50 pieces total.

Available from Friday, September 24. From 6pm CEST


As we’ve fallen back love with the rough stuff, we also realised another thing: we tried all the kit and thought we could do it better. So we have.

CHPT3 Dirt Capsule. Released Autumn 2021

Our dirt products are made for gravel, mountain biking and touring. Engineered for adventure, outdoor and robustness. Core offer is a limited range of apparel designed and made by CHPT3 as well as an extensive line of bags and accessories.

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