Being a cyclist means we know weather, seasons become an existential reality

The true joy of cycling is remembered come Autumn. The mornings are fresh, the clouds constant, midday heat isn’t an enemy and the rain makes a joyful return.

We checked in with riders in London, Girona, and Toronto to see how they make the most of Autumn riding.

David Millar


Catalunya, ES
Fresh Mornings

I often say May and September are the best months to be riding in Girona, they feel like Summer without the risk of having your skin burnt off and your body evaporating.

Early mornings are still the best time to ride. Rolling out through the old town, before the shops have opened and the people have arrived, into the surrounding hills.

What do we wear in Girona for Autumnal riding?

It is a bridge season, the hyper-light breathable stuff we need at the height of summer is no longer required, nor the thermal deep winter wear. It’s a technical time to dress that needs experience to dress for. Every region has it’s needs and musts. Here’s what we do in Girona:

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London, UK
Shorter Days

Long gone are the days of short sleeves and long-lasting light, these things suddenly replaced by unpredictable weather and shorter days.

With this change comes the opportunity to take the fitness you developed throughout the warmer months and apply that to a different riding style, perhaps even looking to ride off the beaten track.

What do we wear in London for Autumnal riding?

Crisp mornings and the looming threat of rain at all times mean that Autumn in the UK is also a time to change what you wear out on the bike, looking to replace your lighter layers with a more substantial wardrobe to match the unpredictable forecasts.

Toronto, CA
Shoulder Season

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What do we wear in Toronto for Autumnal riding?

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