OFF BIKE Podcast: Tim Marlow

OFF BIKE Podcast: Tim Marlow

Tim Marlow has studied art for most of his life, a scholar, writer, broadcaster, lecturer, and historian, and most relevant to us, a cyclist.  When we interviewed he was Artistic Director of the Royal Academy of Arts in London, he had held that position (a position that didn't exist previously) since 2014. 2020 has see him begin a new chapter, that of CEO of the Design Museum.

Mikkel B. Rasmussen and David Millar visited the Royal Academy of Arts where they also had the great privilege of an impromptu walk through the Anthony Gormley exhibition, check out the trailer here.

Randomly they bumped into Kenton Cool during the walk through, Kenton has summited Everest 13 times, one of the most recent summits he was wearing a CHPT3 base layer. We walked about toast.

Mikkel and David spoke to Tim about his relationship with art and also their common denominator, cycling. By the end of the meeting a new Tour de France had been created, one that will take place, we just don't know when these days - it'll be known as the CTdF, as in the Cultural Tour de France, you'll have to listen to learn more.

  • Find out more about The Royal Academy here. And learn about The Design Museum here.
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