OFF BIKE #17 - Chris Boardman

OFF BIKE #17 - Chris Boardman

Chris Boardman is a true icon in the world of cycling, his winning ride in the 1992 Olympics was the first gold medal for a British cyclist for over 70 years, yet that wasn’t even the biggest story, it was the pioneering technology in the guise of a never-before-seen Lotus aero bike that made the front page of national and international newspapers and somewhat over-shadowed the man on the bike.

Yet it’s the man on and off the bike who is the true pioneer. In typically humble fashion he describes himself as being like a Forrest Gump character who has found himself at the centre of many of the most important moments in cycling the past 30 years.  The different is that Chris Boardman tends to have been the architect creating those moments.

David and Chris spoke during the Tour de France in 2020, and although it dates back nearly 18 months it is still extremely timely. With the announcement of Chris Boardman becoming the first ever Walking and Cycling Commissioner of England this past week this seemed like the perfect time to release the conversation. At CHPT3 we believe in the power of the bicycle to change the way we live, in Chris Boardman we have a leader who can and will make that change, the work he’s doing will change society at large for the better and it’s important we all stand with him.