You ever have days where you just can’t get going? Or where you need to amp yourself up, accelerate yourself into flow state? I was a time trial specialist for most of my pro racing career, those days were as much mental as physical – it required hyper-concentration, I suppose that’s why they call a Time Trial “The Race of Truth”.

I created my own protocol for those days, music was a big part of it. I think I was the first rider to wear DJ headphones for warm-ups back in 2000 – it was my safe place; one I could control no matter the time and location. This is a first-go at replicating that playlist, one that everybody can use, no matter the time and place or need.

I started this as a warm-up mix. I used to have certain tracks I’d listen to before time trials, in fact I’d save them only to listen to on those days, I did that from the 2000 onwards – without knowing it I created my trigger tracks; even listening while putting this playlist together has created a physical response in me, I’m covered in goose bumps and my leg is twitching up and down at about 200bpm as I type this…

The first two tracks, Jumbo and The Veldt, are scene-setters – they allow you to switch your mindset into what you’re about to do. They’re borderline trance, albeit a bit more interesting, one thing you’ll notice in all these tracks is that the spoken word is like subliminal motivation – you’ll find your own meaning in the words, just let yourself go – because by doing that you’ll be able to disappear into yourself.

The third track, Technologic, is a call to action. Without knowing it you’ve probably relaxed yourself into a serious state of mind, this reminds you why you’re there, it’s time to step it up. This is proper Daft Punk, like a metronome with melody. You’re about to hit a 30min effort.

It starts now, with What’s Your Damage, track number four. This is you showing the world what you can do, a little f*ck you to everybody who said “no”…

Then it’s time to slip back into yourself and find that calm that allows you to hyper focus on the effort. Free Yourself by The Chemical Brothers is a re-engagement with the moment. Things are about to get hard.

I started this as a warm-up mix. I used to have certain tracks I’d listen to before time trials, in fact I’d save them only to listen to on those days…

Now it begins. Push Upstairs – this is probably my most powerful trigger song. When I played this pre-race it was my final gateway to flowstate, I knew there was nothing left to do, yet it was more often than not the hardest point of the day – because I accepted what I had to do and committed to believing in myself. Pushin’, pushin’, pushin’… Alright, let’s do it.

Rez aka race time to me. I’d put this on in the final few minutes of my warm-up and keep it playing when I went to sit in the bus for a few minutes of silence. “Everything, everything, I’m invisible, any reason will do, any reason will do, why don’t you call me, I feel like flying into, why don’t you call me, I feel like flying into… Any reason will do. Any reason will do. Everything, everything.” I was then ready to start the race.

Track eight: now it’s just fun, Chunky just puts a smile on your face, and it this point you’ll need to smile – and it’s proven to kill pain, so slip back into the ridiculousness of it all and enjoy the pain.

Keep the spirits up, few people better at that than Tiga, so here’s Public Enemy with some Montreal style: Louder than a Bomb.

Swimming pool, summer, whooping, clapping, it’s time to have fun, you’ve made it, you’ve crossed the line - now everything is a bonus – pat yourself on the back, celebrate with In Deep We Trust. This is your time.

Get ready to leave CHPT3, start where you began with Underworld, Jumbo will leave you feeling blissful…