The Inaugural #Polaride

The Inaugural #Polaride

#polarides - Capturing Community


"Girona - it’s become synonymous with cycling. I arrived here in 2006 at the backend of the Armstrong era, which incidentally was created by another Girona local; a Danish ex-pro, Jonny Weltz. He brought the US Postal crew here in 1999 when he was their Directeur Sportif. That’s another story…

Yet I followed suit and arrived in Girona in 2006 on Christian Vande Velde’s recommendation as he said if I wanted the best training base x quality of life then I had to come to Girona. I didn’t even know where Girona was, I had to look it up on a map.

In the 16yrs since I’ve arrived it’s become what I believe to be the cycling capital of the world. It’s nuts how it’s changed the town and now more and more cyclists and cycling businesses base themselves here." - David Millar

Sami Sauri and David Millar on Gravel Bikes

CHPT3 was one of the first, and we’re proud to call Girona our home. We also know every single road, gravel + trail. We made the decision recently to start sharing our rides, and create some routine for them so that whoever comes to Girona can come join us on our regular outings.

We’ll be doing them weekly, mixing it up all the time, and today we did what we’re calling #Polarides. It’s a gravel shake-out, only 34km, flat and fun. But why Polarides? Because it’s one of my favourite forms of photography and David loved using it so much during this year’s Tour de France and his Millar’s Tour series.

We will now be doing weekly Polairde’s on Road & Gravel out of our Girona Studio, analogue fun that all go on the wall at the CHPT3 Studio post-ride.

If you’re in Girona or plan on coming, you’re always welcome to hang out with us, you’ll find the rides on LinkmyRide & Strava as well as our Social media accounts which you can connect to from here. 

Photos from or first #polaride 

CHPT3 Cycling Club PolarideCHPT3 Cycling Club PolarideCHPT3 Cycling Club Polaride