That time we had a party...

That time we had a party...

CHPT3 is British (while that lasts), yet our design studio is based in Girona.  That's where Richard and I do our thing. Girona was the natural choice for a few reasons, the primary being that it's a wonderful place to live, it also happens to be where professional cyclists base themselves these days, and considering that's part of our DNA it seemed a no brainer to make it our creative home as it offers an endless supply of inspiration at our doorstep.

C3 StudioThe entrance hall to the studio, the Castelli x CHPT3 collection on the shop point of sale and also the Brompton and Factor x CHPT3 bikes.


The studio itself was a pure chance discovery by Richard who came across it right at the beginning of the search for a Girona home for CHPT3.  It was in a state of disrepair, although it was obvious the space was perfect, fortunately the landlord was renovating the whole building and allowed Richard to have a massive amount of design input, handily, Richard is also an architect.  The final touch was Wolf Sub-Zero fully equipping the kitchen.  It has far exceeded any expectations we ever had for a design studio and is the perfect place for hatching plans and turning ideas into reality.  

C3 DrinkiesMariona Falco of the Girona catering company Local Market taking care of the drinkies.


The C3 Studio is in the heart of the town, and in order to celebrate it finally being in a fit state to be seen we decided to invite the people we know in Girona to check it out and learn a bit more about what we're doing.  Our friends at Banca March kindly took care of the organisation, seeing it as an opportunity to introduce themselves to the pro cyclist population who probably didn't even know they existed.  So it was a win win for everybody.  Nothing crazy happened, in fact it was all very civilised which is rather becoming of CHPT3.  Here are some pictures to prove it, starting with the de rigueur speeches, obviously.

C3 SpeechesJordi Auladell, Director of Banca March, Girona, and Richard Pearce, CHPT3, giving speeches of welcome.


C3 5Nathan Haas, Dimension Date rider and ex-team mate of David, and Mitch Docker of Orica Scott, and CHPT3 resident DJ.


Studio Shoes

The fi'zi:k EOM project from 2014, where David wore a different pair of shoes for every race. All David's pairs are on display in the studio, almost all designed by Richard.


Studio HallwayThe hallway, with a dude walking through holding his phone oblivious to the piece of art on the wall made by Max Broby and Richard Pearce when they were students at UCL Bartlett.



Clockwise from top left, David and Jordi Auladell laughing about something. Picture wall. Hannah Barnes, our neighbour Chris, Tao Geoghegan Hart, Paul Voss, Nathan Haas. Katarzyna Niewiadoma and Richard. Nathan Haas and French TV.


La Primavera posterLa Primavera poster, by Richard, available in the shop.



Beer for the DJ

Mitch Docker, being a connoisseur of artisanal beer is presented a carefully selected bottle by Jason Lowndes of the Israel Cycling Academy.



Terrace Action

Terrace action with Dan Craven, and the Girona cycling takeover team of Christian and Amber Meier.


Sep Piquet

The legend that is Seb Piquet.  The man who is Radio Tour.



Clockwise from top left: Mitch Docker taking a break from being resident DJ and Hannah Barnes. Richard and George Bennett. Tao Geoghegan Hart trying on a JJ. Brett Lancaster waiting for a drink from Mariona and Irene of Local Market. David holding an imaginary water melon and describing it to Tao and Hannah. 


NicoleNicole Millar - on brand.


Local Market

Thank you to Mariona and Irene, the owners of Local Market, for helping out, Nicole too.


Jordi Auladell

Jordi Auladell, Director of Banca March Girona. Thanks for the support. 

Also thanks to Ian Walton for the Photography

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