Studio Stories /// Active Motherhood

Studio Stories /// Active Motherhood

Twenty Four hours

Unit of Time

The number of hours in one day. Though often it can feel like far less.

Indoor training can take many forms and provide in a variety of ways. It can be a route to quick fitness gains or a space to tune out of the world and tune into your body. It can also be the easiest way to maintain your active lifestyle when you have numerous other commitments in your day. Something Nicole Millar knows all about. The third instalment of our Studio Stories comes from Girona, somewhere we'd all love to explore outdoors, when family and work commitments allow.

"Being able to jump on the trainer and do a Zwift session or a quick gym/strength session or yoga is massively important for me as I don’t always have a huge amount of time. I can also fit in training at home with the kids around too… "

"The indoor range is exactly what I didn’t realise was missing from my sporting life, and has made my zwift sessions easier and more comfortable."

"The short length is perfect as is the high waisted band. I have never enjoyed wearing bibs for indoor training rides, so this complete kit is ideal. The detail and look of the 3 piece range is simple but stunning." 

"As the material is so soft and thin I can go straight from a bike session to either yoga or gym session and not feel ridiculous even with a padded short."

"The CHPT3 women’s Kit feels like it has been made specifically to fit me. "


Nicole Millar /// Girona