Studio Stories /// A Second Plan A

Studio Stories /// A Second Plan A



The rainiest city in the United States due to the number of days with precipitation.

Indoor training can take many forms and provide in a variety of ways. It can be a route to quick fitness gains or a space to tune out of the world and tune into your body. It can also provide a reliable and safe space when the weather outside is just too bad to ride in. The second of our Studio Stories series comes from Morgan Aguirre, a Seattle cyclist who has to live and ride with a lot of rainy days.

"When you live somewhere like Seattle training indoors becomes a necessity. I try to do whatever I can to make it more enjoyable. That said, in addition to the rain I usually have about 2-3 more "skills based" workouts a week that I have to do indoors either on the trainer or the rollers. I can appreciate that indoor training is a great way to get an efficient and intense workout done quickly. As someone who also works full-time efficiency is great and not having to think about what to wear inside is even better."

"It's very weird to say I'm a cyclist that doesn't like to sweat, but I tell people that all the time! I really hate the feeling of sweat dripping and this kit did a super nice job of absorbing sweat without making you feel damp and gross.  "

"The indoor kit immediately felt different than a regular kit. It's super easy to slide into. No fighting with bib straps, a sports bra, or shorts with tight elastic. No one wants to wear more layers than necessary inside." 

 " It was really cool to put on a kit made specifically for indoor training - we spend so much money on clothes to ride outside, yet, if you live somewhere rainy like Seattle you spend a lot of time riding inside, so why would your indoor clothing choice be just an afterthought?"

" It was nice to know I had a two piece set waiting for me instead of worn out "trainer bibs". The material also felt amazing - luxurious even, but also breathable, which is super important when I'm training inside. "

" I loved that it had a pocket for my phone. When I'm on the rollers I usually have a small table in front of me and practically risk my life trying to grab my phone off the table having it in a pocket on my bibs while riding (without having to wear a full cycling kit) is amazing.  "

"It allowed me to cool off really quickly after my ride and it felt pretty neat to walk around in a matching indoor kit. It was nice to have the shirt to throw on afterward or as I was warming up. I have a roommate and sometimes walking around the house in my "trainer bibs" feels a bit strange, so it was really cool to feel like I was actually wearing a true outfit.  "

"Cool. Both literally and figuratively."


Morgan A /// Seattle