Studio Stories /// Balance

Studio Stories /// Balance



An even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.

Indoor training can take many forms and provide in a variety of ways. It can be a route to quick fitness gains or a space to tune out of the world and tune into your body. It can also provide the benefit of balance to riding your bike outside. In the first of our Studio Stories Lauren Wiper tells us how the great indoors helps her stay in the best shape physically and mentally for outdoor adventures.


"If I can get out on some trails and explore or on my mat (stretching or doing yoga) I always feel better when I come back to the bike. In the winter I do structured indoor bike training to build base fitness and also avoid cold fingers and toes. I used to hate it but it makes me faster and mentally stronger so I've started to like it."


"Pre pandemic I was a yoga studio regular and now I try to practice at home - with varied success. I also try to run a 5k every month for some weight bearing activity. While cycling is my main thing, I don't like to see it as the only thing - I'm not a pro so the goal is maximum enjoyment. The more well rounded my routine is, the more I accomplish that goal."


"I was really impressed (with the kit) - it's better than anything I currently wear on the trainer (aka old bibs with holes in them). If they didn't have a pad I they would be something I would wear around. It would definitely would cater to a more fashion conscious crowd or people not used to wearing bibs. The cut is really flattering, especially on the top." 


"The seam on the bottom of the bib around the thigh was really comfortable. I generally struggle with either gapping or it being too tight and this hit the perfect fit happy medium. Also, the fabric felt non restrictive - I have a similar bra from another brand and it's thicker and tighter and less comfortable."

"Sometimes nothing to report is good. It means I wasn't slipping around. All in all, very danceable."


Lauren W /// London