My Most Days - Grace Garner

My Most Days - Grace Garner

My happy place

For as long as I can remember, Most days have been planned around bike rides and bike races. Bikes have always been a part of my life. Since my days as a child racing locally, riding my bike to school, to eventually the training and racing – I was lucky to call it my job for four years - bikes have been the centre of each day.

Most days in the past I would be aiming for a competition, training with my teammates or meeting inspiring people in our amazing cycling community.

These days cycling is my fitness, cycling supports my health, and it gives me a sense of accomplishment and happiness. These days I might not be training to race against the world's best women’s teams, but I’m still out there meeting inspiring people and exploring new places on two wheels.

Cycling for me, brings me new friends, new experiences and has mostly paved the road I have taken in my life so far. Long may that continue.