My Most Days - Molly Supple

My Most Days - Molly Supple

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These days, my goal is to make most days, good days. The bike is a tool for finding good in the everyday. It’s catharsis. Joy. Accomplishment. Some days, it’s just a way to get away from work and shift my perspective. In a time when travel is limited, it’s a way to escape the apartment for a short ‘holiday.’ Now, more than ever, the bike firmly sits as the MVP of all of my worldly possessions.

To me, ‘cycling’ doesn’t belong in the boxes that people love to define it by. There are a thousand ways to enjoy cycling. It’s too ambiguous and wild to be distilled down into X, Y, or Z. For me, it started as a way to explore a new town as a university student without a car. It quickly turned into a way to challenge myself to go longer distances and higher elevations. From there, it turned into a community of like-minded-rag-tag friends who all found the same lightning in a bottle magic in cycling.

Over the years, the equipment got a little nicer, but that didn’t really change the actual joy of cycling. It just made it a bit faster. Eventually, cycling brought me across the world to establish a home in a town that I'd never been to. Turns out, they really like bikes in Girona so it didn’t take long to decide to stay. The role of cycling in my life will inevitably change through the seasons, but one thing is for sure. It will always be there in one form or another. It may be a commute. Or an all-day adventure. Or a spin to a local brewery.


But Most Days should involve bikes.