John Torode's TdF Recipes - Part 3

John Torode's TdF Recipes - Part 3

If you hadn't noticed, we like things that come in 3's. Professional chef John Torode has kindly provided us with 3 recipes inspired by French cuisine that we'll be sharing during this years Tour. The kicker? He can only use three ingredients. 


Keeping food simple is sometimes more difficult than we think. It takes really confidence to put the simplest of ingredients, in their natural state, as gifted to us by our wonderful and extraordinary planet, on a plate and serve.

So with that in mind I wanted to share with you some of my favourites, ideas rather than recipes, for a simple dish that makes what you are eating the star and makes those that eat it smile and simply want more.

How can just three things on a plate taste so good? Because in there natural state, along with a but if texture, some comfort and a little familiarity great ingredients just taste great, no need for a chef just some confidence.

Trust me it will taste amazing.

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