CHPT3 Biarritz - Ella Explains

CHPT3 Biarritz - Ella Explains

Approaching cycling apparel from a fresh perspective with a distinct focus on womenswear, CHPT3 enters 2022 pushing the boundaries where the fundamentals of fit, fabric performance and confidence in wearability are all challenged.

Collaborating with Garmin for a second time, CHPT3 has worked closely with Garmin to design an exciting kit specifically for women.

This fresh capsule represents what it means to excel in industry and sport as a female, recognising how that paradigm of performance clothing for women is now changing fusing performance together with style and sustainability.

This conversation started with two things in mind…First, we wanted to bring something unique to the cycling apparel market. The more fashion centric approach to design hasn’t really reached outdoor cycling the way it has with other lines of sportswear. Second, we wanted to create something that women could identify with, whether a seasoned pro or a woman just getting started in the sport. For the latter in particular, cycling can be intimidating. We’ve heard from our female friends who want to try cycling that, showing up for events, where newer cyclists have the perception that they don’t fit into the culture, is intimidating, and simply showing up for local group rides can feel the same.

We wanted to leverage something as simple but impactful as a great outfit to help bolster confidence and inspire women to feel comfortable in their own skin. Leaning into a fashion-centric approach was a natural decision, women’s fashion designers have been addressing this concept of blending what is comfortable and practical, with what is beautiful and flattering since the days of the first pair of women’s trousers.

“The brief for this new collection was very clear from the outset,” says CHPT3’s Head of Design, Ella Tomkins, “We wanted to create pieces that are for strong, fast and fearless women, but also with the key elements of holding an aesthetic of easy sophistication."

"I wanted to design a collection to celebrate women for all that they are. Powerful, independent, inspiring…” adds Ella. "I wanted it to be something that women would desire. That they would put on and feel amazing in and as Tory Kelso, who leads cycling partnerships at Garmin, said 'It is one of those pieces of clothing that inspires confidence and motivates the wearer to go out and beat yesterday’." With an emphasis on clothing designed for women by women, the CHPT3 partnership with Garmin takes cycling apparel to a new level, where subtle detailing and a classic femininity is embraced and channelled through garments that richly empower each wearer.

“It’s crazy, I see all these beautiful pieces that are being designed for women by sportswear brands such as Lululemon, Sweaty Betty, and Alo Yoga and It made me question why there wasn’t a cycling brand that offered the same level of beautiful product?” Says Ella. “So, with input from Tory, I was very keen to design cycling apparel that moved away from the classic Road cyclist aesthetic.”

The new collection even takes styling inspiration from the emerging trend of corsetry, identified across various female fashion and activewear brands and delivered with a more modern, positive iteration.

Ella says; "I took inspiration from this trend and some of the classic styling of high end fashion brands. I wanted to keep it super clean, elegant but with a sporty edge. Classic dark blue and cream colours, minimal branding, and attention to detail. Letting the kit speak for itself. However it was very important that we didn’t compromise on functionality or performance. It had to be Elegant Tech!”

With sustainability at the core of CHPT3’s values, garments consist of recycled elements including Econyl, which uses synthetic waste such as industrial plastic, waste fabric, and fishing nets to regenerate into new nylon yarn as well as recycled Natulon zips and Recycled Polyamide.

Consisting of a base layer, legs and jersey, technical features for the collection also include the use of premium Italian fabrics across all three. Outstanding compression and comfort as well as moisture wicking, taped detailing and raw edge hem with silicone to keep pieces in place. There is also female specific road cycling pad and pocket detailing for all those functional elements.

"I really hope women like it,” Ella adds. "Maybe they will like it because, as mentioned above, the lines are blurring between fashion and sportswear/activewear!? There is no longer the need to have to wear 'classic core sportswear’, you can be fashionable too.”

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