Introducing the #TransBromptonental

Introducing the #TransBromptonental

The what?

The Transcontinental Race is an annual, self-supported, ultra-distance cycling race across Europe. Covering an estimated 4,000km, it’s one of the world's toughest endurance races and this year Roger Seaton will be tackling it onboard a CHPT3 Brompton. A 16” wheeled bike which folds down to the size of a bag for life and is more commonly known for city commutes.

Beginning in Belgium on the 29th July, Roger will ride through at least ten countries, passing five checkpoints before reaching his ultimate destination in Greece. This event tests bodies, equipment and planning beyond any known limits, traversing every terrain imaginable and ascending mountain summits mostly unimaginable.

Simply put, we don’t know how this will pan out. Of course, Roger’s completed a rigorous training plan, riding the bike hard on testing terrains, however nothing can prepare him and his equipment for the demands this race will put on them


Why on earth...?

Why not? Well, that was Roger’s initial answer and no, we weren’t satisfied either. Convinced that there must be greater justification for such an unfathomable challenge, we poked him some more and, well, we still didn’t get a sensible answer. The long and short of it is that Roger is a man wired differently to most, one who constantly pushes himself into the next realm of ‘holy shit’. Thankfully for all of us, he’s joined up with a group of brands who operate in much the same way.

For us, it’s the unique opportunity to stress test our clothing beyond ‘everyday’, to find out the limits, to learn from them and to show there’s more to it than clever designs and fancy buttons. To turn convention on its head and show that a CHPT3 Brompton is more than you (or we) could have expected, that it can cover great distances, cover them across inconceivable terrain and be outrageous fun all the while. It’s the ultimate show of what this bike and our garments can achieve.


Roger Seaton: you may have got the idea by now that Roger is somewhat of a nomad and you wouldn’t be wrong. Turning down a music scholarship, he joined the British Army, later freelancing in the private security sector. In his free time, he pursued passions of climbing, diving, parachuting, ultra-marathons, canoeing and other such outlandish hobbies before finding cycling, where he’s continued to ignore boundaries. A Transcontinental starter last year, Roger had to withdraw for safety reasons so he considers this race unfinished business.

The partners supporting Roger in this challenge think and, crucially, operate in much the same open-minded way. None resting on their laurels, #TransBromptonental partners believe in, and actively support, adventure. Mutually agreeing that a challenge of this nature has never been seen in their respective fields.

Follow Roger as he crosses the continent here and keep up with the journey via our social media channels and using #TransBromptonental.