CHPT3 x Garmin. The Origin Story.

CHPT3 x Garmin. The Origin Story.

Tuesday, July 20, our first CHPT3 x Garmin capsule collection launches.

13 years ago, David Millar first put on a jersey with a sponsor that would be with him until the end of his career, in 2014. It would be in those colours that David would rekindle his love for the sport, discover new success on the road and race with teammates that would become lifelong friends. Ultimately, it was this chapter, David’s second chapter, that would inform this, the third.

"Garmin used to be my professional uniform almost every day for the last seven years of my career. I have so many memories of racing in a Garmin kit."

David Millar, CEO of CHPT3

“The three of us – Jonathan Vaughters, Doug Ellis and me – had built the team together. Jonathan created the team and its ethical values after retiring from racing, disillusioned by the corrupt professional scene. Doug wanted to create an American Tour de France team and realised that if he wanted to do it in a way that reflected his own values there was only one option: Jonathan Vaughters. I was the third and final element. I had come back into the sport from my ban a reformed man, respected by the people who Jonathan and Doug needed to win over if they wanted to turn their team from a small domestic US outfit into an international Tour de France team.”

They had faith that this team could make it big. And they did. Garmin crossed the finish line first on several occasions, including memorable wins at Paris Roubaix and Le Tour de France. It was their playful and elegant approach that made this a remarkable team, a team that would always be remembered, in colours that are instantly recognisable.

Now, during David’s third chapter with CHPT3, it feels right to continue the journey.


Garmin and CHPT3 come together because in many ways, they’ve been linked from the start, 13 years ago. The innovative ethos of the team, their panache on the road and playful nature outside of racing struck a chord with many fans of the sport. Something that we both have in common.

“We value the connection between Garmin and CHPT3 in that both companies are encouraging riders to pursue their passions and motivating them to Never Stop Cycling, no matter where they are or when they want to ride. Whether hopping on the trainer, commuting in the city or taking to the trails, we hope the CHPT3 | Garmin kit provides cyclists with a sense of pride and makes them feel like part of a team that spans the globe” -Susan Lyman, Garmin vice president of global consumer marketing

The underdog spirit, relaxed nature of the team and openness belied a drive to be the very best behind the scenes. Garmin were the pioneers in many areas we now take for granted in the pro peloton.

“Jonathan, Doug and I were on a mission to do something good for the sport of cycling. Something, now all these years later, I can look back on proudly and say we did.”

It’s this ethos that we want to carry forward with our new collection, the ethos that made that team so special, the ethos that keeps CHPT3 and Garmin close to this day.

Performance kit engineered to help you succeed and conquer your goals, without losing its sense of play. Clothing that utilises knowledge, technique and technology at the cutting edge while remembering that cycling is, at the end of the day, about having fun.

“We are thrilled to reconnect with David and work together with the CHPT3 team to create a fun and unique cycling kit that can be worn during any ride – from training to racing” - Susan Lyman, Garmin vice president of global consumer marketing.

Sometimes you have to look backwards in order to move forwards.

CHPT3 x Garmin. Heritage and performance combined to make sure you Never Stop Cycling.