CHPT3 in Korea

CHPT3 in Korea

I've heard that the fashion scene in Korea is happening and that the cycling scene is benefitting from it, yet I've never been to Korea, and so have no idea what that actually represents.  

So when I saw a series of beautiful CHPT3 tagged photos on Instagram I wasn't overly surprised to find out they were from South Korea.  What was surprising was how they had managed to completely capture the CHPT3 style without actually knowing much about us, because for the moment we have no presence over there.

It's thanks to Glen Kim of Redbeanjelly for creating this shoot with his two friends, Yoojin and Huntae.  They took in Mounts Homyeong, Namsan and Bugak.  Have to say, it does not look shit when it comes to bike riding territory.  

Thank you, Glen, Yoojin and Huntae.  Loving your work.