Care For Your Kit - Tips and Tricks with Clothes Doctor

Care For Your Kit - Tips and Tricks with Clothes Doctor


We've designed our kit to go the distance, no matter how far that is for you. You don't have to treat your kit too differently to the rest of your clothes, but synthetic fibres behave differently to natural ones. They may not be as delicate as things like wool, but there are plenty of tips, tricks and hacks to make sure you elongate the life of your garments.


Synthetic fibres are hardy things, but the side effects of summer riding like sweat and sun cream can accelerate degradation if left in a basket for a long time. If you've had a particularly hot ride, we recommend giving your kit a quick hand wash within a few hours of coming home, to get the worst of the grime off.


Before placing your clothes in the machine - there's a few things you can do to make sure your kit comes out clean and pristine. Turn items inside out so the dirtiest parts get cleaned most effectively. As the inside of garments are where most sweat and oils will be, turning items inside out will help target that area more easily.


Zip up your garments. Zipper teeth can catch and pull on fabrics while in the washing machine - even brushing past fabrics can cause abrasion, so it's best to zip up your zippers, as it were.


Velcro is the sworn enemy of your performance fabrics. Make sure to fasten Velcro closures on jackets or gloves so the 'hook' side of the 'hook and loop' system is fully covered - you don't want those hooks catching on to other garments and pulling or ripping at fabrics. For garments with abrasive features like zips or Velcro, you could wash in a laundry delicates bag for extra protection. Similarly, consider hand washing these garments so there's no risk to your other clothes.


Get yourself a detergent designed for performance fabrics to provide the best cleaning experience for your kit! The CHPT3 x Clothes Doctor No.5 Eco Wash for Sportswear has a refreshing fragrance of lime and cooling peppermint, combined with deodorising essential oils, eucalyptus and lemongrass, leaving your clothes fresh and invigorated, ready for your next ride.


Take it easy on the detergent. You may think more detergent = better cleaning, but overdoing the product means it may not all be washed out properly, leaving residue on your clothes. The CHPT3 x Clothes Doctor Eco Wash for Sportswear is quite concentrated, so 1.5/2.5 caps will be plenty for a lighter load, and 3/4 caps for a fuller load.


Wash in cool water. High temperatures are something that can irreparably damage performance fabrics used in cycling gear. Fibres like elastic in your shorts or mesh in your shirts will suffer especially from hot treatments, so washing cool is always best for these.


Stay away from the fabric softener. Instead of making your sports clothes cleaner, fabric softener will create a barrier that locks stinky smells in, preventing moisture from evaporating. For a fresher wash for your kit, avoid the fabric softener.


Finally, make sure to air-dry your cycling clothes, as machine drying is a no go. Machine dryers can wear down the delicate performance fabrics, and sometimes, machines don’t get clothes completely dry, and then they sit in a hot, moist pile, a haven for odours and bacteria. Similarly, make sure your clothes are completely dry before putting them away so moisture doesn't linger in your wardrobe.

These tips and tricks are by no means the be all and end all but they are certainly a great start. Make sure you pair it with the new CHPT3 x Clothes Doctor No.5 Eco Wash for maximum performance.

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