Ashton Lambie Unbound

Ashton Lambie Unbound

There's normal bike rides, then there's something like the Unbound 200.

On a ride/adventure of that magnitude, every piece of kit and equipment needs to be dialed; a small discomfort becomes pretty big after 10+ hours on the bike.

We gave Ashton Lambie (aka The Most Interesting Bike Racer in America) the prototype Cargo Bib Shorts to test.

 Ashton Lambie at Inbound Gravel testing the CHPT3 Cargo Short

"I went into Unbound without too many expectations, apart from finishing in under 12 hours. But I knew that to do so I'd need good conditions and everything to go right. That's a big day in the office compared to preparing for a Sub-4 minute 4k effort on the track!

Thankfully, unlike other years, it stayed dry for the first part of the race and I was able to stay with the lead group for a tiny bit until things got sketchy. I decided to ride my own race from then on. I finished in under 12 hours and had a blast.

The CHPT3 Grand Tour Cycling Bib Shorts that I'd used in training are a great balance of a comfortable, second-skin feeling chamois, without feeling like a pillow that you're sitting on.

CHPT3 took that great design, added pockets, and made it even more versatile! Personally I'm a big fan of not carrying a ton of stuff in my jersey pockets, and keeping the essentials accessible between a top tube bag and cargo pockets.

Ashton Lambie testing the CHPT3 Cargo Shorts at Unbound Gravel

These were a life saver for Unbound, with gummies in the left pocket and a bar in the right, the well placed elastic pockets helped me stay on top of fuelling for the long day. Even for rides around my hometown of Houston, TX, I'll wear these just because the pockets are so convenient and comfortable!"