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Summer 2022.

There is something magical about going out early in the morning on a warm summer day, before the city awakens and the heat sets in. Gone are the dark cold mornings of staring out the window tormented by the weather, battling indecision and doubt wondering if you will even ride. Today, you will. 

Summer is for speed, for setting your personal best, for pushing
the group to the limit, for being the first to reach a signpost, for dropping the others on the climb and for flying down the hill. 

Our athletes went out on an early Thursday morning in June in the old town of Girona to smash the slopes of the 10 km climb of Els Angels just outside Girona. It was one of those days where the temperature would climb to 33 degrees. The goal was to reach the top of the climb, to the small sanctuary where Salvador Dali got married. 


Aero Road Jersey

Arnua went hard from the bottom of the climb, opening his jersey and accelerating to max power to meet the gradient. He wears the new CHPT3 Aero Road Jersey. The fastest jersey we have ever made.

Speed without compromise, made of 90% recycled materials. Lightweight, aerodynamic, and breathable – ergonomically constructed to optimise airflow externally while enhancing breathability internally.


Grand Tour Shorts

The Grand Tour Shorts. Ultimate performance designed for the longest hardest days in the saddle, without compromise, made of 65% recycled materials.

Reflective tonal branding on thigh and back panel.

Sandra rides in the 9” Road Shorts. Cycling shorts with a yoga inspired waistband that alleviates the need for bibs. Specifically designed for the female body. 


Undercover Base Layer

Highly breathable base layer, without compromise, using recycled stretch fabric. Worn to improve moisture-wicking from the skin's surface to outer layers allowing for greater temperature balance and optimal physical performance.

"We’re not here to fit in. We believe it’s possible to form a tribe of individuals with a common passion, and that’s riding bikes."

David Millar