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OFF BIKE Podcast: Lachlan Morton

Lachlan Morton is one of the most interesting characters in professional cycling. He is better known for his championing of an alternative style of biking, one that involves breaking free from the shackles of what's expected. Only 28yrs old yet already an icon within the world of cycling. I was his team mate when he first entered the World Tour back in 2012, we became friends immediately even though I was 35 and he was 20, I saw so much of my 20yr old self in him and have always followed him from afar since our paths separated. Mikkel, on the other hand, only knew Lachlan from his film "Thereabouts" - a film Lachlan and his brother Gus made in 2014 as an antidote to the professional racing life - that film reignited a passion for cycling that Mikkel had lost. It's become a movement since, and without knowing it Lachlan and Gus created what is now a zeitgeist.


Check out the story of David and Lachlan's recent bike packing adventure here.

Find Lachlan here on IG.
His film Thereabouts here.