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Never Strays Farfalle

Giro Di Sicilia Part 1

Ned has been threatened by dogs, while David has to diagnose his sister's friend. Then they talk about Sicily and how UAE might be doing it all wrong or all right. Depending.

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Sliding into view in early October.

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Never strays Far - The Virtual One

Nov 24, 2021 Ross Bernard

Ned and David discover that Fun is Fast* when they get together in the same room for a virtual bike race (which makes no sense). *not really true.

Never Strays Philosophy - With Guillaume Martin

Nov 17, 2021 Ross Bernard

A one-off special playing to familiar themes. Ned and David catch up after a Zwift session, and Ned chat's to Guillaume about his amazing new book La Société du Peloton.

Never Strays Farl - The Streisand Effect.

Nov 12, 2021 Ross Bernard

David tells Ned about Barbara Streisand, there is more talk about the Moon and some chat about the Hour Record as well. Plus: What's going on with Pete's fringe?

Never Strays Far - The Tenuous One

Nov 11, 2021 Ross Bernard

Never Strays Far is back. Ned is back from another trip to Ireland, David is back from Madrid. They talk about childhood. And there is another dream.