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My Brompton Factory Visit

Brompton's are made in London, and always have been.  The founder, Andrew Ritchie, began the invention of them in his bedroom in South Kensington in 1975.  To this day each bike is made in London, only now in a large facility in Greenford rather than a bedroom in South Ken.  

Although vast and state of the art, the only reliable and trusted method of construction is brazing the frame together by hand, and each frame carries the initials of it's maker. 

It is the fact these bikes are made in London and require such educated methods to construct (done through an internal apprenticeship program)  that I truly became enchanted at the idea of CHPT3 working closely with them.

A Brompton requires TLC to make it so solid and durable, there are no short cuts, and the fact that Brompton believes that remaining in London is an integral part of their DNA sums up their ethical responsibility to the local community. 

Nothing about a Brompton is normal, it is a beautiful piece of engineering that serves a purpose that, more than ever, is important to the world and our communities, wherever they may be.

And last, but most definitely not least, they're simply great fun to ride and so easy to hide.

Brompton Layout 1

Brompton Layout 3

Brompton Layout 3

Brompton Layout 4